Life without a phone

I’d like to be able to say that I’m the sort of person that can go cold-turkey without a mobile phone. That I can drop social media at a drop of a hat and return to my beautiful life to increase my productivity.

Mobile phone with black screen

But that’s not me.

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OMG: I am my mum

There’s a moment in every woman’s life where she realises that she’s turning into her mother.

Mine happened when I became a mum. I’m sure the baton was passed to me during childbirth while I was pumped up to the clouds on opiates. It may explain why I swore to the midwife when she refused me an epidural for the umpteenth time because it was “too late”.

Of course, it was bound to happen.

Georgia and Kelly scream at the camera

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Top 6 ways to really handle Toddler Tantrums

Temper tantrums are a reality of parenting. They stomp their feet, throw their entire bodies to the ground and scream their heads off. It could be in a public place. It could be at home. Nobody knows when they’re going to strike.Tantrum over a pen

My daughter’s personal favourite technique is called ‘the Darli’, where she sits on her chair and slowly slides down it like she’s wearing top to toe silk, melting into the floor.

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Sad Britain: Aren’t we all human?

This week has been a sad one.

The hatred. The words ‘us’ and ‘them’ being bandied around as if the decision to leave the EU has suddenly broken down the floodgates that most of us never even knew were fit for bursting.

It’s a decision that has shocked nearly half the nation and has sparked ongoing discussions and concerns over what the future holds. Our future. Our children’s future.

Our future is not our past

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BML16 – my day in review

On Saturday 25 June, I went to a blogger conference called BML16 in London.

This was my first Britmums Live conference and I was excited to learn new things, meet lovely people and see some fab brands. Okay, and to eat my own body weight in free food.

Exhibition at BML16

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Wobbles and all: Me in my mum-kini

Body image. It’s something that’s ruled the past two years of my life.

Feeling too fat. Too stretch-marky. Too invisible.

While other mums celebrated their #mumbods last year, I was left looking downward in shame at my wibbly wobbly telletubby tummy. I even wrote a blog post about it called becoming unashamed of my new mumbod. The best thing I could ever hope for was coming to terms with my new body and braving a swimsuit – not even a bikini.

I know I’ll never reclaim my pre-birth body. That’s fine. I’ve got something much better in return and I don’t begrudge her for it.Wibble and wobble, my not so yummy tummy

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World of Spa review: Aqua Sana Center Parcs Woburn

Robe and towelFor my birthday, I was treated to 3 hours in the World of Spa and a treatment at Aqua Sana at Woburn Center Parcs.

I knew that the World of Spa included over 20 different treatment rooms including saunas, steam rooms and relaxation rooms all with a different theme… but I didn’t really know what that would feel like. Surely it’d be like sitting in the same room just with a different decor?

It’s all well and good reading a description, but until you’re there it’s hard to realise just how much there is to do.

I thought that 3 hours would be enough time to spend lots of time dozing away in each room, meandering from one experience to the next. But I was wrong.

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