Wicked Wednesday: Ballet

Georgia doing ballet

Another week, another Wicked Wednesday where I post an image of Georgia doing her thing.

This week Georgia has been practicing her ballet.

Learning how to walk this week clearly wasn’t enough. She wanted to balance on one leg, while watching the Teletubbies.

That’s not dangerous at all right? At least she’s not standing in the drawer but she’s still in search for danger.

Note the pointy toe and bar technique that perfects this picture.

“And pliet”…


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I’m going to BML16!

On 25 June, I am going to BritMums Live 2016 – known as BML16. It’s a blogging conference organised by Britmums and I’m really looking forward to meeting so many new people and learning lots!

So, in anticipation… here’s my introductory post to wave to other bloggers that are going…

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She’s walking!

Before I became a parent, in my eyes walking was a very black and white thing.

You can either walk. Or you can’t.

But then I became a parent and realised that it all depends on definition. In fact everything does. Including the infamous statement of ‘sleeping through the night’ – which some class as 12-4am (THIS IS NOT THROUGH THE NIGHT!) to the almighty ‘my child is catatonic from 7pm to 7am’.

So with walking we’ve been experiencing the same let down on definition of when we can say that she is officially walking. We’ve been on the cusp for what seems like months now.

But… using our own definition, she is now walking.

Georgia standing up with baby walker

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Reality of Nursery

Georgia mucky from NurseryCovered in muck, snot dribbling from her nose, hair all messy and only one sock.

THIS is what going to nursery looks like.

Sure, she’s had a fantastic day but I have to admit, it’s not what I expected.

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#WickedWednesday Risk Taker

Georgia standing in a drawer

Happy #WickedWednesday! Today, I’m sharing a picture that I took yesterday as I think it sums up why you need to have eyes on the back of your head.

I turned around for one second and I found her like this, trying to tidy herself away in the smallest drawer in the world.

It definitely wasn’t the drawer to Narnia, or Teletubbie land so instead she had to go to Nursery.

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Losing weight: Week 1

It’s been a week since I decided to take losing weight a bit more seriously.

When I first stood on the scales, my starting weight was 10lbs 9oz. Not a bad start, I thought I’d be a couple of pounds heavier than that as I’ve struggled to get lower than that over the past year.

I said that I’d aim for about 2lbs per week – a healthy aim. If you want to skip down to the video reveal at the bottom of the page, click here.

Weigh in wk1

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#WickedWednesday: Took a pen off her

Wednesday is my non-working day.WickedWednesday wouldnt give her a pen

As well as being a magical day where I get to spend it with my poppet… it’s also now full of 10 second tantrums. This is quite new to us… as Georgia has only just discovered the art of a tantrum. I think she’s quite good at it personally.

So as a welcome relief to my usual picture perfect, edited photos, here’s a short Wicked Wednesday post with her most recent 10 second tantrum. No filters, no edits, just reality.

You’d have thought that she’d hurt herself, fallen off her chair or something really dramatic had just happened to cause her to collapse on the floor and weep into the floorboards. But no.

This one was caused over her taking a pen, waving it about with pride and me quickly taking it off her with a “ta”.

Apparently that was the wrong thing to do…
Tantrum over a pen

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5 Reasons Why I Know it’s Summer

1st day of summerI think we can all safely say: IT’S SUMMER!

I know this for a few reasons. Not just because the sun has got his hat on (hip hip hip hip hooray), but because of the way that people act on the first official day of summer.

So here’s my run down of the top 5 thing’s we’ve seen and done this weekend that tell me it’s officially summertime.

Let me know how many you did this weekend!

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Stop eating crap!

For anyone who’s been following my Instagram feed, you’ll have noticed that there’s recently been a rise in drool worthiness with plentiful doughnuts, biscuits and cake.

CakeFrankly, that needs to stop (sorry). The yummy, delicious… yet fattening habits that I’ve got myself into need to stop.

When I look down, I see that I’ve somehow swallowed a rubber ring that’s got wedged around my stomach. Great for buoyancy in the water, but not so great for feeling fit and healthy.

So, I’ve decided that there will be NO binge eating in May… although my goodness that chocolate cake was GOOD! As in my plan for 2016, I need to lose some weight. So in May, there will be:

  • No biscuits
  • No cake
  • No doughnuts
  • No unhealthy snacks.

Losing weight

Other than my incessant snacking, I actually eat fairly healthily. But, I do need to exercise more too. On days when I’m at home, I need to make sure I go out for a walk even if the weather is rubbish. To the park or just round the shops if need be. Days when I’m at work, I need to start going on walks at lunch.

So I need to do this properly this time to live a happier, healthier life. It’s better in the long run if I get out of this habit of going to food when I’m either bored (at home) or because it’s there (at work). I’m going to have to find some determination to not have ‘just one snack’. As it’s never just one as I seemingly have no self control.

Officially, I’ll start this mission on Tuesday and I’ll be writing about my progress with weekly weigh ins (aaah!). I hope that by the time I go on holiday in June that I’ll have lost at least a few pounds. Shall we say 8lbs as a goal? Should be achievable in a month if I aim for a healthy 2lbs a week. I doubt I’ll achieve it, but anywhere close would be nice!

Although I hope that I don’t lose too much weight, as I really don’t want to have to buy yet more work clothes!

Wish me luck.

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