Baby’s first Christmas outfit under £10

There is only ever one ‘First’ Christmas with a new baby and picking the right cute outfit for all those photos is an important choice.

For one off outfits, I find that supermarkets offer a great selection at an affordable price. I personally don’t want to pay over £10 for an outfit that she’s only ever going to wear once. With so much choice, I also only want to stick to buying just one outfit. It would be quite easy to buy a Mrs Claus outfit, a pudding outfit AND an Elf outfit, but I just can’t justify it.

So, for those likeminded parents, here’s a run down of the top outfits (in my opinion) that supermarkets have to offer this year, all available for under £10.

Mrs Claus

F&F Mrs Claus Christmas DressOf course, Mrs Claus’ outfits are a classic choice, all of which have white trim and a black belt. My personal favourite out of the three I found has a fluffy white trim around the collar, sleeves and skirt, with a gold embellished belt (instead of a black bow on other choices).

Now, it doesn’t come with cute tights like the other two I found, but it does look like the highest quality option. We have plenty of tights anyway, so this looks like the best option for a Mrs Claus outfit from F&F at Tesco at only £7.


Buddy the Elf All in One BabyAnother choice is an elf – I found quite a few to choose from and all of which come with hats. Apparently an elf is not an elf without a hat. All of the suits I found were baby grows and all look ridiculously cute.

The winner from this group for me is the Buddy Elf costume from George at Asda at only £7. With it’s clean lines and simple design – controversial for some using yellow instead of red – it’s quite a simple costume. But as Elf is my favourite Christmas film and always makes me laugh, this was always going to be a clear winner for me!

If you’re looking for something jazzier or more reminiscent of a classical elf, other suits in the category include picture embellishments of candy canes, jingle bell collars and waist coats.

Christmasy things!

RomperClassed as ‘other’ really, there are a selection of cute costumes available from reindeer, snowmen to Christmas puddings.

My favourite outfit in this section is this cute Christmas pudding romper from Sainsbury’s at £8. It’s subtle seasonal design is more like a Christmas Jumper than the all guns blazing outfits above, but certainly looks cosy to wear snuggling up by the fire.

Or… the more likely scenario of rampaging around the living room, tearing down the Christmas tree and eating anything going on the floor.

I hope you found this list useful – here’s a larger selection of outfits that major supermarkets have to offer (and one sneeky one from Matalan) all under £10.


Baby's first Christmas outfit



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