What’s in my baby changing bag?

A bag is a girl’s best friend – there’s no doubt about that. I used to be impressed when I managed to find a bag that could fit my umbrella AND my purse in it at the same time without it being a suitcase. But with my new changing bag, I feel like Mary Poppins.

I made an upgrade from my original changing bag and now I have room to spare, so I thought it was high time to show you what’s in the bag! So here it is:
Contents of changing bagThis is the contents of my everyday changing bag… minus my favourite item as I wanted to cover that separately and my phone… which I used to take the picture.

It’s amazing to think that my changing bag fits all of this in. Here are my top five changing bag tricks that I use which I hope you find useful:

1. Dry nappies

To keep my nappies dry, I keep them in a plastic nappy sack in the side pocket of my bag. I learnt this nifty trick after having milk leak in my old changing bag leading to soggy, unusable nappies. I didn’t want to be left without any clean nappies in the future, so keeping them in a waterproof bag means that any future leaks won’t compromise the nappies.

2. Bib and muslin combo

For feeding, I take both a bib and a muslin with me – the muslin is mainly a backup. If she’s going to be sick when we’re out and about, then I’d like to have something absorbent to hand to clean it up with without using a hundred wet wipes. After cleaning it up, I can then keep the muslin in the handy wet pouch to take it home without getting everything else mucky in my bag! Score.

3. Spare outfits – all weathers

I have to admit that I’m a bit lazy about updating my spare clothes selection in my changing bag, so I take a long sleeved vest (that would look okay with trousers), a romper (for warm weather), a sleepsuit (for when an emergency full change is needed) and a cardigan (for when it’s chilly to add layers).

4. My accessories

I use my handy front pocket on my changing bag to keep a few bits to help make sure I don’t look a complete mess. Carrying hair grips and a hair bobble means that if my hair decides to not behave during the day (which happens a lot), I can put it up with ease. I even have a handy mirror attached to the inside of my bag to make this easier to do on the go.

I also have a few bits of makeup – such as my pink vasaline. I love the light tint in this and if I don’t wear anything else, then I’ll be wearing this as it also keeps my lips moisturised. If I need to be a bit more presentable, I also have waterproof mascara, a tiny eyeshadow and some No7 lip gloss.

5. Factor 50

My factor 50 suncream lives in a handy side pocket to make sure it’s always upright and won’t leak it’s greasy texture into the contents of my bag. I love how the side pockets on my bag are elasticated, so they hug pretty much anything I put in them. It makes it the perfect place for a bottle of suncream.

My Factor 50 is mainly for me rather than Georgia as I have a SnoozeShade for her. I take the sun very seriously, but also enjoy being out in it. With really pale skin, it’s a no-brainer for me to use factor 50 and also means I don’t have to pack two factors for me and Georgia when she does venture into the sun!

My favourite item in my bag is…

Diary in my changing bagMy new diary! This is also the latest item to be added to my changing bag as a recent purchase in an effort to become more organised with my life.

It has a page per day, so I hope to use it to plan blog posts too as well as to keep up to date with play dates. As my changing bag has loads of space inside, I can easily take my diary out and about and jot down ideas before they’re lost to the realm of baby brain.

My baby brain gets so bad sometimes that I’ll forget what I’m looking for halfway up the stairs, let alone when I reach the room with the mystery item! So having my diary with me will mean that I won’t lose these golden moments of insight. I also love the pattern on the front, so I can do this in style and it kind of matches my bag!

So here’s a run down of most of the items you’ll find in my bag:


So, what’s in your bag?



  1. Kiran Chug
    June 11, 2015 / 4:53 pm

    Such great tips! X

    • June 11, 2015 / 5:38 pm

      Thanks Kiran! 🙂 x

  2. June 18, 2015 / 3:15 pm

    I don’t think baby brain ever goes away sadly, so a diary is a must in my opinion! 🙂 Thanks x

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