BeatBelle Boogie review

Beatbelle BoogieWhen it’s raining outside and I’m stuck inside with a toddler, minutes can feel like hours. I constantly struggle to find things to do that can keep us active inside.

Try as it may, TreeFu Tom just doesn’t quite cut it with his intermittent stretches. So when I was asked to review BeatBelle Boogie by Fisher-Price*, I was up for the challenge.

It’s a new activity toy and sibling of the BeatBo which was named as one of the ‘must have’ Christmas toys in 2015.

I have to admit, I saw the BeatBo last year and was VERY tempted to buy it. I think other toys just won out at the time for a 9 month old as I felt it was a bit too advanced at the time.

But now Georgia is a bit older, I think it’s time that she can really appreciate the BeatBelle.

Beatbelle packaging

As soon as I received Beatbelle I was ready for the battle of packaging… until I saw that the packaging was actually pretty easy to undo. No twisty ties of doom, just three simple turn to unlock plastic screws. She was out in minutes.

I’m sure that’s a bonus for any parent looking for a Christmas gift without the pain of getting it out of the packaging while subduing a child that wants to play with it NOW.

What does she do?

BeatBelle, or Belle as we now affectionately call her has 3 dance modes. The first button on her foot is a dance mode where she basically gives Mr Motivator a run for his money. She tells you to move, clap your hands and jump as well as to look at the changing colour lights on her tummy – all very impressive as she bops from one side to the other. I really feel like I’d get a workout from this mode, let alone my one year old daughter.

Learning mode – these are songs and dances that have been made around learning topics – such as the ABC dance, freeze dance (following instructions to stay still!), counting and colours. A varied spectrum you’ll agree!

She also has a VERY fun microphone mode. My husband and I have used this to say silly things like “Mummy is a sillyhead” or “Daddy is a nincompoop”, you get the picture of the escalation. Anyway, these phrases get added into a song which Belle dances to with the recording being sped up and repeated. It’s quite funny.

Touch her tummy and she says a series of phrases, including my favourite hum of “beat belle, do-de-do”, which reminds me of my very first Furby – the great granddad of interactive moving toys such as BeatBelle.

Beatbo Belle in packaging

What do I love about it?

I love how bright and colourful she is and she’s already been thrown around the room a few times with little injury.

I also love the premise of this toy to make kids more active. Sure, I love a good book and a cuddle, but toddlers should be spending at least 3 hours a day being active  –and that’s sometimes hard to achieve when you’re stuck indoors when a lot of your toys are based around sitting still.

So pop her on, let her entertain you.

What would make it better?

Her mechanics are a bit noisy. I find when I have her in a quieter mode (thank goodness for those buttons right?) I can’t always hear what she’s singing.

I’d also add more variations to the songs as I can feel that it may get a bit repetitive. But what doesn’t get repetitive when a toddler is using it?

Is it worth the cost?

At the minute, BeatBelle is available from most retailers for just under £30, but RRP is just under £40. For this toy, I think it’s very good value.

Now for the ultimate question…

Can you do the #BeatBoBoogie?

Fisher-Price has teamed up with professional dancer and celebrity mum Kimberly Wyatt to celebrate music & dance and encourage active play.

Celebrating the launch of exciting new products in the popular Bright Beats™ line, the Bright Beats™ Learnin’ Lights Dance Mat, BeatBelle™ and BeatBowWow™, the brand will be calling parents to showcase their little ones best dance moves in their very own #BeatBoBoogie!

Kimberly and her 18 month old daughter Willow will be championing the #BeatBoBoogie showing off their moves and encouraging parents and their little ones to get involved in active playtime to help children develop important social and physical skills while having fun. Parents can share their photos, videos and comments on the Fisher-Price Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning fantastic Fisher-Price prizes for the best #BeatBoBoogies.

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