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Changing Bag from Pink Lining Hydrangea FlutterBy Design

I usually struggle to come up with ideas for what I want for my birthday, but this year I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a Pink Lining changing bag. In fact, I needed one in my life. I’d already been given a changing bag that I’ve been using for the past few weeks but I can’t seem to fit everything in and close it, so the time had come to get a new one and my birthday is the perfect excuse to treat myself.

After doing a lot of research online – and by research I mean online window shopping – I found the perfect styles from Pink Lining that had stunning designs as well as being really practical.

After seeing one in person in John Lewis in Milton Keynes last week (helpful to have a mooch inside them to suss out size), I decided that this really was the bag for me. Here’s why I love it…

Inside pockets

  • Inside pink lining changing bagTwo insulated pockets for bottles on one side – which means that I don’t need to take my bulky insulated bottle warmers with me.
  • Two nappy pockets on the other side – nice and elasticated to fit a few nappies in one hole and wipes/bags in the other which means that they are easily accessible rather than floating in the middle.
  • Phone pocket that will easily fit my phone without having to force it in – if you’ve ever used a standard phone pocket, you’ll understand that they blatantly aren’t designed for phones, which leads to a fight between you and the bag to release you phone from it’s tight grasp. This bag doesn’t have that problem as the pocket is a nice large size that won’t hold your phone to ransom.
  • Small concealed pocket – A lady needs a small concealed pocket in her bag. In my head, as it is a concealed space, this is where I keep my secret things… namely makeup and other small things that could otherwise get lost as well as things that I wouldn’t want to spill out accidentally.
  • Huge space in the middle with a water resistant bright pink lining (hence the brand name!) – this changing bag has a vast space in the middle to neatly store (or if I’m being realistic, shove) spare clothes, a muslin and my purse in with room to spare.


  • This changing bag comes with a large padded changing mat – As well as being a pretty design of pink and white with a repeated yummy mummy cupcake design, I was really surprised to feel that it’s really padded. When a brand says that they have a padded changing mat this usually means that it’s wafer thin from my experience, but this one genuinely feels really spongy without taking up too much room in the bag.
  • Wet bag – ideal for ‘those’ moments when I need to keep wet clothes away from the rest of the contents in my beautiful bag.
  • Elasticated fob for my keys – I’m forever losing my keys at the bottom of my bag and with a huge bag, this is a must!
  • Detachable mirror on the other side – who doesn’t need a tiny mirror to check smudgy makeup and to touch up on the go?


  • More pockets! Two elasticated pockets on either end – handy for keeping a bottle of drink for me, or a snack… I’m sure I’ll be using these a lot!
  • Big canvas pocket at the front – this pocket is really handy for keeping essentials that I’d rather not have to rummage in the bag for. For me, this includes my lip balm and packet of tissues.
  • Double zip – quick and easy access without having to undo the whole bag every time.
  • Detachable shoulder strap… or pushchair strap – easy to clip on and off, this strap offers a great alternative to carrying it… although the bag is that pretty that I wouldn’t mind.

Drool-worthy design

I’m saving my best point till last. This bag is gorgeous and would be enviable as a standard handbag let alone a changing bag. I love the turquoise background mixed with the soft pink floral hydrangea design and beautiful butterfly on the front pouch. I think the design I chose is an older one as I couldn’t find it online anymore but managed to track it down in a John Lewis store. It was hard to pick from so many designs, but I couldn’t take my eyes off this one when I saw it so had to have it!

It also now means that I can fit everything I need neatly into one bag, as I’ve been using my pre-baby bag alongside my old changing bag so far. This will mean that I can now retire my tiny bag for without feeling like I’ve compromised as it’s both a bag for me that I’d be proud to show off as well as a practical changing bag.


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