Finding the right gifts this Christmas

With Christmas fast looming, I’m now entering a panicked stage of purchasing. Rather than wandering shop to shop aimlessly searching and pushing past people I’ve instead opted for pretty much total online shopping.

It’s easier, quicker and let’s face it – less hassle.Merry Christmas

The first batches began to be delivered yesterday and I think I’m going to have to designate some room in the garage to store it all before wrapping!

But I do struggle when buying certain gifts if people don’t have wish lists (I love a wish list!).

Rocking horse from Mamas and PapasFor example, buying a main gift for Georgia last year was tough, but I used Mamas and Papas gift guide and website to pick out a white rocking horse called Winter that was suitable for one year olds. She loved it and still uses it. This year Mamas and Papas have also launched a new helpful giftfinder web app: which is a short questionnaire which then brings up relevant suggestions.

As a friend of mine is pregnant (stop reading now B!), then I’ll definitely be using it to find her something lovely once the baby arrives.

When you’re starting from scratch and trying to think about what you can buy – especially for your own baby, gift guides are really useful. Just pop in your child’s date of birth, gender, who you are (parent, friend etc) and how much you want to spend and it does the hard work to search their site to find relevant suggestions to suit your budget.

It’s not just for parents though, as friends or family of little ones, we want to buy something nice, something a bit different. But it’s not always possible to find something different that doesn’t cost the earth (I’m looking at you not on the highstreet).

Using online gift guides saves me time and anything that can help save time is good in my books! It’s not as if they can tell you what you want as a baby – and when the world of babies is so new to you, any helping hand is useful.

What tips do you have for Christmas shopping online for little ones when you don’t know where to start? Let me know!

*This is a sponsored post for Mamas and Papas, but the views and opinions are entirely my own (as is the rocking horse…well… that’s Georgia’s)*


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