Odeon’s newest Newbie

A friend and I took our babies to the cinema today – something that I didn’t think I’d be saying so soon!

Like many other expectant parents, one piece of advice I was given was to go to the cinema as I won’t be able to once baby arrives. Well, turns out they were wrong as at 5 weeks old, Georgia had her first trip to the big screen.

After discovering that our local Odeon has baby friendly screenings of films midweek, we were keen to give it a shot and see what makes them baby friendly and whether they really were! As always, it was also a welcome trip out of the house.

Odeon cinema KetteringBaby friendly cinema

We had a grande choice of 1 film to choose from in our baby friendly cinema screening which was Age of Adeline, but for us it was less about what was on and more about getting out and giving it a go.

I honestly thought that when we turned up they’d be rows of mums with babies eager to have the opportunity to see the latest films, but actually we were the only people in the entire screen. That has only ever happened to me once before, when I was 15 and saw Star Trek Nemesis – yes… I was one of those few people that saw that film.

So, we cheekily upgraded our seats to the premiere ones – why not when the room is completely empty – and chatted through the film at our whim.

The lights which also usually dim to near blackness stayed at their nightlight dimĀ giving us enough light to find fallen muslins, to prepare bottles and to check facial expressions for ‘near waking’ grimaces.

The sound was also supposedly quieter than other screenings, although I forgot to take my decibel reader with me, so I’m unsure on that one. We managed to sustain a good conversation without having to shout though, so I suppose it was quieter without distracting from the film!

Not distracted

Although my attention is always focused on Georgia, I can say that it was still possible to follow the plot – there was even a few moments of intense science in the film to explain why Adeline didn’t age that I managed to follow. Spoiler – it’s because her telomeres were shocked into not aging from an accident in the 1920’s. Granted I have a biology degree, but it’s a bit of a left wing addition to the film from the narrator in an otherwise non-sciency film that can take you by surprise!

What about the baby?

Georgia didn’t mind the cinema at all and in fact loved staring at the… lights. Yes, a big screen right in front of her is completely missed on her as she’d rather stare at the lights. Sigh, at least I didn’t need to pay for her to watch it!

It’s always concerning when you commit to being in one place for over an hour as you never know when that next screaming fit is going to come and whether there’s space to do the mum dance that is getting your baby to sleep which would otherwise disturb others around you. But with the screen to ourselves, we didn’t have these problems – heck, even if there were other mums, as there’s an unspoken bond, I would expect that nobody would bat an eyelid if you watched the entire film in the aisle swaying from side to side.

I’ll definitely be going back to a Newbie showing – next week they’re showing Pitch Perfect 2. Although as Georgia hasn’t seen Pitch Perfect 1, I hope she’ll be able to follow the storyline. šŸ˜‰


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