I’m Kelly Edwards, first time mum in Northamptonshire, UK. I am writing about my journey into motherhood with my own special brand of blunt honesty, opinions and humour. There’s also the occasional review thrown in for good measure of places to go, things to do and products that I’ve tested!

About me

Kelly and Georgia EdwardsWith my professional hat on, I’m a content marketer and have always had a love of writing. So it made sense that I’d be ‘one of those mums’ that starts a Mummy blog.

With my mummy changing bag on (a staple ingredient for mums much like a professional hat), my daughter Georgia was born in early April 2015 and is the most gorgeous girl in the world. I may be slightly biased.

We’re making it up as we’re going along but loving every minute of it so far. Join me on our epic self discovery to find out what it takes to be a mum and what sort of mum I will become.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can find my info via my work with me page.

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  1. Hi Kelly, loving your blog! So fresh and honest. Made me giggle too! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! It’s a great way to gain followers and acts as a kind of chain. Have a look. P.s. Beautiful Baby xxx

  2. Thank you for the heads up or should I say bottoms up,I am two hours away from my procedure. Last night all I could think of was the jonny cash song ring of fire,because all that water squirting out after the laxatives was making me very sore, a bath and few showers and things aren’t so bad although I do find myself still squirting a bit more out this morning and on the laxatives packet it said I should be able to go to bed about eleven pm but I was still on the loo at 3am. I will look forward to my sandwich but if I am honest I am worrying it will go right through me.

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