2017 Blogger Goals

This one probably won’t mean a lot to those of you who aren’t bloggers, so if you’d prefer, I’ve written a separate post about my life goals for 2017 here.

For 2017, I want to become a better blogger. Sure, that’s a catch all statement and I doubt any blogger aims to be a bit worse than they were last year, but I want to set myself some reaching goals to really push me to do better. After all, I’ve been blogging since May 2015 so it’s time to push it up a gear and see what I’m made of. You’d think that this would be about writing… but actually? I only touch on writing below. It’s the other things I want to focus on in 2017…

It’s unrealistic of me to say I’m going to be perfect at everything, so I’ve chosen 5 key things that I want to focus on…

Here are my goals, separated into platform:


1. Reach 5000 followers on Twitter

I currently have 2.2k followers, so I’d like to more than double my number of followers by the end of the year. I think it’s achievable, but I’m going to have to work on it to get there! Twitter is a great channel to engage with people, to share new stories and to generally have a chat. I’ve met some lovely people as part of #tribalchat via Twitter (Tuesday @8pm), so it will forever be one of my favourite channels for talking to other bloggers.

I also need to get better at sharing my stuff. I’ve frankly become a bit lazy at only posting it out once. Sure, I’m never going to be one of those bloggers that posts automated ‘from the archives’ as it just feels dated to me… but I will be rotating my content a LOT more than I have been to make sure that it’s seen more often. I’m hoping to strike the right balance.

2. Create an Instagram community

As I have a fondness for photography and Instragram is a very graphical platform, it was always going to be one of my favourite channels. But in 2017 I want to start taking it to the next level. At the minute I have around 870 followers, I post daily at 7am and 5pm (ish), and try to have good quality images with a theme… but it doesn’t always work out that way.

In 2017, I want my feed to be beautiful and to portray my photography side. No more slightly rubbish photos that may be low quality or slightly dark because I’ve not posted. Nope, I want it to be a stunning feed with every photo being one I’d gladly put on my wall. Gulp. Am I up to it? We’ll see.

By the end of the year, I’d also like to have 5,000 followers – hopefully half through having a gorgeous feed, but also through investing a lot more effort into growing it.

Once I reach 1k followers, I’d like to launch a new Instagram community. Sure, there are a lot of communities out there, but the more the merrier hey? I’m all about photos so it feels right to introduce and share photos. I’d also then like to do a monthly roundup of my favourites on the blog as well as a weekly favourite on Instagram to show how the community is growing! I’m quite excited by this one…!

Bringing up Georgia Instagram in 2016

3. Facebook = real life

In 2017, I’m going to turn off the link between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instead? You’ll see custom posts for Facebook on a daily basis. Sometimes they may be the same photo as Instagram, but you may also see a slightly grainier picture of my life. It’ll be real, it’ll be gritty and my mum will most likely be the first person to like it as that’s just what mums do. But I really want to start setting my social channels apart from each other. Instagram is for the ‘oooh’s in life and Facebook will bring you down to reality.

I think a goal of 200 followers by the end of the year is achievable – sure it’s not high, but I don’t mind. Facebook will always be a smaller community in my head and one that people don’t see all the time. I’m at about 120 at the minute so that would still be a significant gain!

4. Blog admin

I’ll pop my hand up hesitantly and tell you that I didn’t blog too regularly in 2016. On my downer time, I felt demotivated to write about anything, thinking that all I’d done in the week was watch Greys Anatomy from my bed and wallow in my self pity. Nobody wanted to hear about that, but in 2017 I’m going to do better. I’m going to post regularly again, writing about the things I love like photography and parenting. If I stop loving what I’m writing then I’d stop. I won’t be posting daily, but I hope to post 2 a week.

Last year I went self-hosted and updated my theme to a nicer looking one that provides a better user experience. This year, I want to focus on my writing a bit more. To provide a theme for my writing, to create an actual plan for my writing, interwoven with beautiful images.

As part of that, I need to do a bit of blog admin. I need to have a beautiful day of redirecting to consolidate the architecture of the site. The geek in me is excited about that. It involves a spreadsheet and a lot of copy and pasting… Luckily I’ve done it many a time for my day job so it’s not new to me. I just have to work out what that architecture looks like before I have some fun with 301 redirects.

5. Vlog on

I’ve been dabbling in vlogging, but I really think 2017 is the year that I should make a bigger effort. At the minute, I have 50 followers, but I’d love to grow this 10x to 500 by the end of the year. I think I could be pretty good as I’m apparently quite natural in front of a camera.

I think I have the basics covered with creating videos and I’m happy enough this year to continue to film from my phone (who knows, I may ask for one for my Birthday), but I really want to spend some time reading up on vlogging to learn where I’m going wrong – to join in on monthly tags etc to share my videos more widely and to find my niche.

At the minute, I share a lot of videos of clothing hauls for Georgia as I’m forever buying her new clothes, but I’d love to be brave enough this year to share more of our family trips out – especially as it’s my aim to go out to a lovely place once a month.

How on earth am I going to do it?

Now that I’ve written this down, I’m thinking wow… that’s quite a lot to achieve in a year! I’m going to have to plan my blogging time, be a bit tighter on making an effort in the evenings and be a ninja scheduler. It’ll involve spreadsheets and organisation and a method for each channel but I hope it’ll all come together.

What are your blogging plans?

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