What I learnt from Blog On 2016

I went to Blog On with a fairly open agenda. I wanted to meet other bloggers (always nice!), learn more about Youtube, Instagram as well as to try and fall back in love with my blog.Reindeer popcorn gift

I’ve been feeling for a little while now that there’s starting to become a rift between the reason why I started my blog and where my blog is now.

My blog identity – Bringing up Georgia – to me meant raising my daughter, but it’s gone beyond that. It’s evolved into a blog that’s more about how I’m coping as a mum, and what we do as a family rather than a document of her development. That’s not a bad thing, but does it still fit? Or am I jamming a square peg into a round hole?

Michelle from The Joy Chaser told us in her session about how she felt the same discourse in her blog and re-branded herself as a consequence. In a few months, she reclaimed her blog passion by focusing on what she loved rather than trying to muddle on through with a blog she no longer felt passionate about. She called it a blog revolution – not an evolution. Her site is worth checking out if you’re looking for some positivity.

In an exercise, she asked us to write down things that we were passionate about and then things that we were good at.

What I’m good at

  • Writing truthfully (I think anyway)
  • My job (Content Manager)
  • Photography

What I’m passionate about

  • Photography
  • Being the best mum I can be
  • Baking
  • Getting my craft on

From this, I can see that my overlap between what I’m good at and what I’m passionate at lives in the land of photography. Sure, I’m no expert but I know that I don’t share a lot of big images on my blog and images are what drive me. Why not? No idea. Because I’m a crazy fool. It’s what’s driving my Instagram channel and I sure do share a lot there…

Georgia pointing

So, I think I’m going to focus more on photography with my blog writing (have you noticed that already?) That doesn’t mean I’m going to rebrand, but I want to show what parenting is like through the eye of my camera a little more often.

We’ll see how that goes! As for my name… I don’t think it’s too wrong to have to change it. I may consider rebranding in the future if I find the right name though or if I feel the need… I’ll keep you posted.

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of the sessions (“Oh whaaaat” I hear you yell) because to be honest, although I learnt a lot I know that other bloggers will cover it. Some even filmed it. If you’re a blogger, then my notes won’t really help you. The bits that I took away may not be the bits that you’d take away. Plus – going to an event is sooo much better than reading about it (ironic as I’m writing about it now, it’s not lost on me).

Sorry to be a party pooper!

Being happier

Georgia sitting on Sycamore tree at Stanwick LakeI really enjoyed the final keynote. I’d go as far as to say that it inspired me. So much so that the book he was talking about – The Art of Being Brilliant is shortly to join my Amazon Wish list.

Turns out, the secret to being happy is just to put in a bit of effort and decide that you’re going to be happy. I know that seems simplistic but it’s true. Those that know me well know that I’m driven by data-based decisions. If it’s unproven or ‘hokum’, I. Am. Not. Interested.

But, this is based on research. Real psychology research. Not just “me and my mate John love it so it must be true”.

In our day to day lives, we feel we have little choice in our own happiness. That it’s something that is simply gifted to us on a whim – whether that’s due to a yummy cake or waking up on the right side of the bed.

But that’s not quite right – we can change it if we want to. So, I’m starting to try and feel more positive. That doesn’t mean that you’ll find me jumping around like a loon anytime soon, but it does mean that I’m going to try and focus on the positive things a little more. Like how I cope with a negative situation. You know, turning it on its head.

I know that sounds like mumbo jumbo, but it’s true. Try it out for a day if you don’t believe me. It won’t stop bad things happening, it won’t make you insanely happy but it will help you cope with the crap days a bit better.

So… overall, I learnt how to be more positive at Blog On. I also came away with an IMMENSE goody bag (which made me feel very happy). Hopefully you’ll notice a change for the better.

Blog On goodie bag layer 1

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  1. Oh Kelly I’m so glad you enjoyed my session about ‘falling back in love with your blog’ and completely love that you’ve found your sweet spot with photography! Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the final key note but completely agree with your summary about happiness and positivity. It was a great day wasn’t it? X

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    1. Post

      I thought it was. I love sessions that make me think about my own blog rather than just what other people have done. Although you can copy what other people have done to be successful it’s not always 100% useful if that makes any sense! 🙂 x

  2. I was also at Michelle’s session and it was thoroughly interesting. I think I’m going to do that exercise again and see if I can focus a bit more. Oh and the closing keynote speaker was fab! That was truly wonderful and even though it was focusing on being happy it wasn’t “too much”! 🙂

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      I need to do the exercise fully! I completely agree about the happy talk not being too ‘happy clappy’. They ran a high risk with the topic but they’re obviously well practiced! 🙂 x

  3. What a lovely post. I’m also at a bit of a cross roads with my blog. I feel like it needs a new identity and I think i am going to rebrand in January but still working on that perfect new name. It was michelles session that made me sure I want to make that change.

    Time to take the plunge xx

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