New Instagram Community #LittleLiveLaughLove

I’m really excited to announce that I’m launching a new Instagram community.

I’m calling it #LittleLiveLaughLove and I hope you’ll join me?


What is #LittleLiveLaughLove?

I love seeing other parent’s pictures and spend a LOT of time on Instagram.

I’m by no means a photographer, as I’m just starting out with my journey with a DSLR but I love it when a photo shines through. Those little moments when the timing is right, the lighting is perfect and it just sings a thousand songs in one snapshot. It’s those moments that I’d like to see in this community.

As parents, it’s the little moments that matter and that’s what this hashtag is about. Not just a moment with our littles (or not so little littles) as parenting is also about appreciating the smaller things – like a moment to yourself! So sometimes it’s a little ‘something’ that we love – like a beautiful scene or a new handbag *cough* or glass of wine *cough*.

I want to see pictures that YOU love for whatever reason.

To start with, I’ll be picking monthly favourite’s to share on Instagram, linking to your Instagram account to let people follow you and writing a monthly round up to explain why I love them, linking to blog (if you have one!).

I’m hoping that as the community grows, that it offers people a chance to follow like-minded people who are capturing moments that they love.

If you’re interested in taking part, just add the hashtag #LittleLiveLaughLove to your Instagram photos. You can also find me over on Instagram here if you want to see the sort of photos that I share.

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  1. Well done Kelly on setting this up, I’ll be adding it to my regular list of IG hashtags I use. I hope you get many people joining in and thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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