Coming soon…kick-ass SEO advice for bloggers…

I am so excited to be giving you the first look at my new website aimed at bloggers.

It’s so new it’s not even finished yet.

I really hope you’ll be as excited as I am to set it up and will follow my new site ready for the official launch!

Kick Ass SEO Advice For Blogger - Jelly Yo

Torn in two

You see, for a while, I’ve been feeling an internal pull in two directions for what I want to write about. For months I’ve been to-ing and froing with ideas of whether to just completely rebrand Bringing up Georgia or to create a new site.

I settled on a new site, but that’s not to say that Bringing up Georgia will end… just that I’m crazy enough to have two sites. Bringing up Georgia will carry on with the same content you know and love.

Introducing Jelly Yo!

My new site is called Jelly Yo and will have kick-ass SEO advice for bloggers.

You’ll see me with a different hat on (a metaphorical one obviously). It’s a more professional site and one that will be full of tips for bloggers to really thrive on Google as there’s so much untapped potential and I know it’s a topic that confuses a lot of bloggers.

I’ve posted the odd article here and there about SEO for bloggers on Bringing up Georgia, which are always met with really positive feedback. I’ve also talked to loads of bloggers at events and practically had verbal diarrhoea on them with SEO advice (sorry particularly to Emma from Island Living 365).

I live and breathe SEO at work and love to help others learn along the way. I also love to make really complicated things easy to understand (I used to simplify biology/healthcare research papers for a living).

So, this day was inevitable. I’ve just been fighting it internally for a while, caging my SEO enthusiasm and unfortunately sitting on an idea that could be pretty helpful to bloggers.

For that, I’m sorry.

So I’m unleashing Jelly Yo.

I have so many great ideas to write about when it comes to SEO as there’s just so many angles to cover. If you want to suggest a topic you want me to cover, tweet my Jelly Yo account and I’ll happily take your steer.

Join me!

Jelly Yo already has an email subscription service up and running, so if you sign up now, you’ll get all of the new content as and when it’s launched. Go take a look at

Please also come and follow Jelly Yo on social ready for launch:

I really think Jelly Yo will be a fantastic resource for bloggers and hope that you’ll support me in this new venture!

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  1. Oh wow wow wow I”m so excited for you! The blogging world are going to love you! I wish you all the very best my lovely and I just adore the name! #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. Great news, I will check out your new site because I find SEO to be to complicated and that is the reason I never self hosted. it would be nice to have a blog with all the tips and advice about SEO #fortheloveofBlog

  3. O.K., I’m off to sign up to every portal. And what a great name! I also love how blogging usually ends up being a collection of skills you’ve picked up in your earlier life – like you with the simplifying of Biology papers. I’ve found that in my life too! I’m very excited about this for you! #fortheloveofBlog

  4. I will definitely be paying the new site a visit as someone who is new to the blogging world! Great idea xx #fortheloveofblog

  5. I need all the advice I can get in SEO and google as been so busy working on content and getting my baby brain in gear that I haven’t yet started google stuff etc. I have subscribed and look forward to the updates x

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