Stanwick Lakes Photography

With potential flooding, high-flowing rivers and a foggy start to the morning, we could have been within our rights to not bother going on a walk around Stanwick Lakes this morning.

But, with the potential to take some foggy pictures with my new camera, I just couldn’t resist!


We started at the swings, as the walk around the lake was likely to force Georgia into a much needed nap. After doing the typical mum thing of using a baby wipe and tissue combo to both clean and dry the seat to acceptable conditions (which was evidently still a bit sandy), we popped her in the swing.

We haven’t really been out much as a family to the park to go on the swings – having the park practically to ourselves at the weekend is a rarity and the swings are usually commandeered by bigger children. But, as others have been put off by the wet conditions, we grabbed the opportunity to give Georgia some time to play.

She just loves the swings and these shots captured that moment perfectly:

Georgia waving on the swings at Stanwick Lakes


Georgia playing on swings a Stawick Lakes

See, you couldn’t help but smile too could you?

Swan lake

Watching swans swimming in a calm river just screams tranquility to me. But beware, they are evil buggers.

My fear of birds is well documented. Usually I’m okay with birds that have round beaks, like ducks which are cute instead of intimidating. I think it may be because the thought of being pecked by a round beak is far more acceptable to me than a pointy one. But, I think that rule is broken for swans. I can admire them from afar, but when they start growling (yes… growling) from the water and use their muscular legs to get out of the water in a threatening manner, I’m ready to walk away. At speed.

So, here are a few of my swan shots, before they made me run away.

Two swans in calm water at Stanwick Lakes


swan swimming with reflections

Moody bench shot

Okay, so I don’t really know what I’m doing yet with my camera and still ashamedly on Auto, but I like to think that I know a good potential arty farty bench photo.

So here’s my best attempt at an arty farty lonely bench photo that I think sum up our foggy walk around Stanwick Lakes:

Totem Penis

Erm… well it’s a… it’s a…. it does look rather phallic doesn’t it?

Up close it’s actually a totem pole, but I have to admit, from afar it does look like a giant dildo. A flawed design to say the least.

Totem pole looks like penis from afar at Stanwick Lakes


We couldn’t walk around our usual path as it was a bit flooded… I’ve never seen the water so high in so many places. Banks overflowing in each lake, paths turned into ponds and jetty’s submerged.

flooding at stanwick lakes

And here, would you believe it is the path that we usually walk to go on the adventure trail. There was a very helpful sign that said we’d be fine in wellies… but unfortunately neither of us were wearing them! So instead, I took a photo of the newly created pond-path:

Path at stanwick Lakes

Overall, we had a great walk and I loved getting my camera out.

I’ll also be buying some new wellies soon!

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