#Baby Ninja 3 – Smile for Mummy

As well as becoming a baby ninja from feeding a bottle one handed and catching poo with ninja like reflexes, I’m also becoming skilled at making Georgia smile.

Smile for mummyI’m spending most of my days now asking Georgia to “smile for mummy” which almost becomes a chant and is combined with gently rubbing her cheeks. To no other person would I do this, but it seems natural to ask her to do this on demand. I’m sure if I were to try this on my husband that he’d tell me where to go and probably not politely!

Although she’s often asked to smile on demand – and often won’t get left alone until she does – her best smiles are saved as a reaction to something we’ve done. Here are 5 types of smile that I love:

#1 – The ‘I’m awake let’s play’ smile

When I’m checking on her in her cot she’ll sometimes greet me with a big smile. If I’m really lucky, this also comes with a side to side wiggle of excitement. But, these are certainly not appreciated at 3am when you expect to see a sleeping baby.

#2 – The ‘Thanks for cleaning my bum’ smile

After the ordeal of changing particularly bad nappies, it’s nice to feel that your work is appreciated and she shows this gratitude in a nice big smile. I’d love to say that it’s always a pleasure, but it’s nice to know that she enjoys having a clean bum.

#3 – The ‘You’ve got milk’ smile

Oh she knows what her bottle looks like and if one of us is holding it then a big smile will be unleashed at the excitement of what’s to come – that is unless she’s already got herself into a fit from having to wait 2 minutes.

#4 – The ‘Welcome home’ smile

This one is reserved for Daddy for when he comes back from work. She’s always surprised to see him come home as if he’s popped out of nowhere, so it’s nice to see her genuine excitement at seeing Daddy home.

#5 – The ‘I love that, keep doing that’ smile

This one was only recently discovered after trying to get her to sleep by rubbing a soft tiny duck (of the cuddly variety, I’m not mean enough to rub an actual duck) on her face. Turns out, instead of sending my daughter into a sleepy trance, it made her break out her biggest smile and even a cute ‘Ahh’ of delight.

I’m sure I’ll find more ways to make her smile in the future, but for now, these 5 are delightful to watch!!

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