Beginning leap 4

Yesterday Georgia was visited by the 3 leap dwarves – Cranky, Crying and Clingy, known as the 3C’s. Signalling the dawn of another few weeks of potential turmoil, she has now entered leap 4 which can apparently last for up to 5 weeks.


Leap 4 begins nowI didn’t know this a few weeks ago, but a leap can be thought of as a brain developmental growth spurt. It can’t be seen as has no bearings on physical growth spurts, but the effects can definitely be felt!

During a leap, her little brain will be forming new connections to have the ability to potentially learn new skills afterwards that she just couldn’t comprehend before. Just as babies magically grow a few cm overnight, they also can do this developmentally – although takes a longer time!

Some leaps last for a week, while others last for many weeks.

Leap 4

Georgia is normally a very happy little lady, so for her to switch personalities so quickly would otherwise have had me worried had I not already known to expect this sometime soon. The three C’s may have otherwise made me feel as though she was ill, or that I was somehow doing something wrong.

Knowing that these 3Cs are signs of a mental leap have helped me to help Georgia. Expecting the unexpected has it’s perks as you can batten down the hatches and prepare for a bumpy ride rather than being thrown off course.

When you’re expecting the worst, then anything better is a bonus! This may seem like a ‘glass half empty’ outlook, but I think it prepares me to cope better if it does happen.

Each leap also comes with it’s own symptoms, with this one including wobbliness (check), mood swings (check) and demanding more attention (big check).

This is her longest leap so far, so I’m not looking forward to this behaviour staying for a potential 5 weeks. It’s like dealing with a toddler already. It’s definitely keeping me on my toes as one minute she’s her happy self and the next minute she’s whining for no apparent reason.

Not all doom and gloom

I must point out that it’s not all doom and gloom. In between the mood swings, she’s still a delightful little lady – she just also now spends more time crying and clinging onto me too!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be a fairly straightforward leap!


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