Dreaded duo: Teething and sleep regression

Don’t you just love sleep regression? That lovely feeling when you go to bed thinking “How much sleep will I get?”and “Will she want to play at 1am?”.

And when they’re teething at the same time? Fantastic isn’t it.

Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Dreaded duo teething and sleep regression

Sleep regression

Nights where Georgia regresses are the nights when we try everything to make her sleep. We bop, we bounce, we sing, we sniff her bum a million times to check if she’s done everything that could cause her not to sleep (after changing) and we make up a milk for it to be ignored.

It makes sleeping a nervous affair. One sleepy night we tried going to bed early at 9, for her to wake at 9.30 till midnight. Best laid plans and all that.

There’s no rhyme or reason to it. It just happens and you have to ride it out. It does however make for a crap night’s sleep.

After trying everything, the only thing that really seems to work on nights like that are spending hours trying everything, then giving up and letting her cry to sleep which by that time only takes a few minutes.

Teething joys

On top of sleepless nights, we also have some top teeth coming through. After the nightmare that was the bottom 2 coming through, these come with dirty nappies at every change, chronic nappy rash and grumpiness.

I can’t tell you how good it will be again to have a non-dirty nappy at virtually every change.

I know there’s not yet any evidence that there’s a link between a bad bum and teething, but there definitely seems to be a pattern emerging for Georgia at the very least! It happened for her first two and it’s now happening for her next two.

It’s gone from being just a bit sloppy (sorry for the TMI) to full blown squitz and back again. It’s verging on being bad enough to go to the doctors. Although let’s face it… the only thing they’ll be able to tell me is to keep her hydrated and keep her meals simple. Which we are already doing!

I think if she continues tomorrow then we’ll phone the health visitor… but I bet you anything that’s what they’ll tell me to do.

But, we can now feel a certain sharpness where her top teeth are coming through so she’s very close to breaking the gum. As soon as she does this, we know it’s plain sailing again.

Until next time that is…

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