Embracing the mess AND the process

Don't just embrace the mess... embrace the processI feel cheated.

Every few weeks, Georgia has been lulling me into a false sense of security by sleeping through the night only to swipe that statement away from me as soon as it passed my lips. It’s an endless game of pulling petals off a daisy while ecstatically claiming ‘she’s sleeping through’ followed by a solemn ‘now she’s not’.

I realise that I’ve written about this countless times before, as it’s a topic of conversation for new parents like me that rivals the rest of Britain’s obsession with the weather.

But babies sleep habits… and all habits for that matter… really are as changeable as the wind, albeit far less predictable.

But I’ve recently decided to not only embrace the mess (both metaphorical ‘What-on-earth-ness’ and the physical!), but also the process.

Milk & Naps

A couple of weeks ago, Georgia was drinking 5 bottles a day of 7oz from between 6am and 6pm and generally sleeping through. But now, she’s only having 4 bottles a day… 3 of which between 6am and 6pm and one from anywhere between midnight and 4am.

Why she’s decided to ditch her 4pm feed and swap it for a 4am feed is beyond me. It’s. Just. Not. Logical. It’s a metaphorical mess in my opinion.

But, by embracing the process, I can see that it at least gives her more time for a longer singular nap in the morning and another in the afternoon which I think she’s slowly building up to.

The bottom line is that she’s on a journey and this is but one of the twists and turns that we’re working through.


As she’s now eating 2 meals a day… breakfast and dinner, having a bigger break between milk also helps to fit it in when she’s not too hungry and not too tired. So it’s not all doom and gloom from this most recent change. I just wish she could get all the nutrients she needed during waking hours and not in the middle of the night.

Embracing the mess

I’ve been trying to have the mentality with food to ’embrace the mess’ for a while. I know it’s going to be messy and I know it will take her a long time to get it. I really don’t mind the mess or her trying to put the spoon in her mouth as I’ve been encouraging that.

Often, she’s great at eating without spilling too much and I don’t mind it when I can see that she she’s trying to eat the food. But what drives me bonkers and tests my patience is when she does one or all of the following…

  1. Doesn’t open her mouth but grabs the spoon and smooshes the spoon into her face… mess ensues
  2. Puts her hand in her mouth while she’s savouring a mouthful of food resulting in the food coming out
  3. Chomps on her bib sleeve rather than eating a spoonful of food right in front of her face when she obviously wants food
  4. Is distracted by absolutely anything in the room
  5. Has a spoonful of food then blows a raspberry which spits all the food out in one go
  6. Actively wants food but forgets that she needs to open her mouth to get it
Weaning is a testing time. Not just for Georgia but for me. It needs patience, of which I historically have little, and a lot of wipes. So my advice to other parents would not just be to embrace the mess, but to embrace the process.
Now I’ll just have to ride the waves of weaning and take my own advice!! I may need a smidge more patience too.
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  1. Good advice. I’m all too guilty of staring at the carnage following each meal time and sobbing into a big pile of baby wipes. I should really take a moment to recognise just how far my little man has come, and how well he is doing at this whole eating of food malarkey. Great post. :0)


  2. Mine had a nice little sneak attack where she would decide I needed to eat too and smush it in my face when I wasn’t paying attention

  3. Good luck with riding the weaning wave… you’ll get there eventually and then you’ll be faced with a toddler who refuses to eat anything but pasta for a whole week! #fartsglitter

  4. Haha! Oh my word I had/have to dig deep for some extra patience at dinner time. The thing that bugs me the most is when he refuses to try something he loves but I know if he just tastes it he’ll gobble it all. Ahhhhh! The phases of refusing to eat are not fun either. Good luck with it. As with everything, you are not alone x

    Thanks so much for linking up with #fartglitter xxx

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