Getting ready to say goodbye baby, hello toddler

Over the past week, I’ve realised that I’m in the final stages of losing my baby girl.

In her place, grows a confident, feisty, funny little girl.

First pair of shoes

She now loves speed walking if you’re holding her hands at home. Her little feet toddle around the rug at speed like a car doing doughnuts. She doesn’t care where she’s going, as long as she’s going there fast.

So, the time was right to buy her first pair of shoes.

Sure, she’s had pram shoes before, but nothing that’s remained on her feet for more than 5 minutes after a gentle tug.

I went off to Clarks (let’s face it, they have the complete market eating out of their hands) to get her tiny feet measured.

I didn’t know what to expect with her feet being measured. I was expecting some form of trauma as the fitters would need to touch her feet and sometimes she can be a little sensitive when strangers touch her… say hello to her… or just generally look in her direction if the mood isn’t right. Stranger danger and all that.

But, she was fine. I waited for that moment of panic in her eyes but instead was met with a bemused smile.

“What’s the lady doing with my feet mummy?” that look said.

Soon, the fitter brought down the shoes that would potentially fit her tiny size 2.5F feet and we opted for the purple sparkly ones.

I mean look at them… they’re beautiful!

My first shoes

Purple sparkly shoes

Now – I refuse to buy her more than one pair of ‘good’ shoes at this size while she gets to grips with walking. I find it hard enough to justify buying myself a pair of shoes that cost £26 let alone buying the smallest pair of shoes you’ll ever see every 6 weeks or so.

So, this pair of shoes are her first, proper pair. Of course, she’s already squeezed tomato juice into the holes while she was eating lunch out yesterday, but I’m sure they’ll survive as they’re built to last.

Big girl car seat

We also introduced a new car seat last week as Georgia is starting to outgrow her infant carrier. Another sign that my baby is no longer a baby anymore. I opted for a seat that could be rear-facing for longer, but unfortunately my seat belts in my car aren’t long enough to fix it in place! So forward facing she goes.

She absolutely loves being forward facing. Being able to look out the window, having a roomier, comfier seat.

Next steps

Although she’s moving away from her baby ways, I’m really excited about the next stages. Seeing her learn new things every week and become more confident in herself.

I could mourn every passing event as another petal of her baby days lost – like the wilting rose in Beauty and the Beast, grasping at every petal that cascades down.

But it’s a futile job. Those passing moments need to be captured, but should always be set free. I can see the baby girl that she used to be and can also see her transforming before my very eyes.

No longer a smooshy baby, but a very cute little girl.

I’m sure the final petals will drop in just over 2 weeks time, when she turns one… and again when she takes her first unaided steps.

Until then, I know our time is nearly up of babyhood. It’s tempting to pull of those last remaining petals off that are dangling precariously. But at the same time, I don’t want to wish time away.

I’m not grasping those last petals to hold them together, but I am staring at them intently.


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