Hello feet!

Georgia discovered her feet for the first time this morning. Never has a girl received so much praise for touching her feet – although if I could touch my feet without bending my knees, I think I’d demand an applause.

Georgia touches her feet for the first timeShe’s always loved stretching her legs up to kick off her covers (thank goodness for sleep bags right?), but this is the first time that she’s reached her hands out to grab her feet and flop to one side.

When I put her in the middle of her playmats, she even did a 360 spin… although this was after some time as she’s not exactly at a break dancing level yet.

I’m constantly amazed that she just happens upon a development so quickly without a period of trial and error. Yesterday she showed no signs of interest and so this is yet again another example of her 0-100mph development.

She also had an amazing night’s sleep last night, from about 7.30pm to 7.30am – with about 3 wakes in the night for her dummy, but took less than a minute to go back to sleep from those (for her anyway!). I often wonder whether the two are interconnected, as she tends to have her best moments after a good night’s sleep.

Whether that’s due to her being better rested, or whether it’s due to her needing the extra sleep to make the mental leap, I’m not sure. Or neither. Could just be a big fat coincidence.

This also means that she’s getting closer to her milestone of rolling over. I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s mastered it as she’s now halfway there with her lolling around.

I love seeing her do these things for the first time, but I’m a bit sad that daddy misses out on these things as he’s at work all day.

But, someone has to bring home that bacon while I’m looking after Georgia. I am making sure that I take lots of pictures when she does these things for the first time and trying to get her to show daddy when he gets home… if she agrees that is!!

He may not see the very first time she does these things, but he at least sees some of the first times, so he’s not missing out too much.

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