How I lost the Tooth Fairy

How I lost the tooth fairyLike many children, the Tooth Fairy played a big part in my childhood.

I’d pop a tooth under my pillow and fall asleep with a gummy grin. In the morning, the tooth was no longer there and was magically replaced by a coin.

From a psychological point of view, it put something that feel like quite a traumatic experience (we’ve all had that one tooth hanging by a thread…) into something positive with a reward at the end for being brave.

At some point, all children lose sight of the magic that is the Tooth Fairy but for most, it can be quite hard to recollect the exact moment as the magic just fizzles away. But for me and my sisters, we remember the time very well and it all started by writing to the Tooth Fairy….

Writing to the Tooth Fairy

I’m the youngest of three girls and one of my sisters lost their tooth in a fairly ordinary way and popped it under her pillow. But this time we also decided to write the Tooth Fairy a letter to find out more about her.

This is fairly ordinary for kids to do as they become more inquisitive – in fact it’s something that my niece and nephew have done recently by writing a short questionnaire!

In the morning, we found a magical reply, written in tiny writing (of course… as they are themselves tiny!).

Anyway, we were ecstatic. The Tooth Fairy had replied to our letter. So we did what any self-respecting and polite girls would do – we wrote back and declared ourselves pen-friends.

This continued until we reached a pivotal point. My dad decided to fess up and tell us that actually it was him writing the letters back and that the Tooth Fairy didn’t really exist. He told us that the coins actually come from our mum’s purse.

Of course, as we were smart, we told him he was wrong and the Tooth Fairy does exist. Coins coming from mum’s purse? Who would believe that tripe? He was just being a poopy head.

Proving the tooth

So, as my sister had another wobbler with the Tooth Fairy sure to visit again soon, he came up with a cunning plan.

He told us that he’d secretly put a wax crayon mark on all of mum’s coins in her purse. If the Tooth Fairy was real – the coins we’d get wouldn’t have a mark on them. If however it had all been an elaborate plan by our parents – it’d have a big wax crayon mark.

“Ha”, we thought. There’s no way his plan would work.

Lo and behold when my sister woke excitedly after leaving her tooth under the pillow the night before, she crept her hand under to reach for the cold metal coin and retracted it with a clenched fist. The Tooth Fairy had visited as we knew she would.

Except, when her hand unclasped, the coin had a tell-tale big wax crayon mark on it.

In that single moment, the truth about the Tooth Fairy had been ripped from all three of us. The magical veil that had held us so tight and warm had been lifted to reveal the cold and hard truth.

As the wailing chorus began, of course mum ran in to ask what the matter was as the Tooth Fairy has visited (Dad had neglected to tell mum about his cunning plan, knowing too well that she’d spoil it).

After explaining what had happened, mum was NOT impressed at the naughty Tooth Fairy for stealing coins out of her purse.

Do you remember finding out about the Tooth Fairy? Let me know!

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  1. Haha – I love how quickly your dad caved & decided his commitment to toothfairying did not extend to pen pal duties! #fartglitter

  2. Ha! Your poor dad. Although, I suppose with three young girls at home, being the tooth fairy was costing him an arm and a leg! #pooprainbows

  3. Haha! Every parent has their limit, I guess. You’re Mum’s attempt to salvage it was genius. She must have been ready to throttle him 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

  4. Lol I figure your dad’s plan worked like a bomb as it was getting a bit expensive keeping up with all the teeth falling out. My eldest daughter figured out on her own that the tooth fairy is not real –
    I suppose at age 11 she is wiser but we still keeping it a secret from my 8 year old.#fortheloveofBLOG

  5. I dont remember realising she wasnt real, but i do remember my aunt giving me a personalised book about the toothfairy using our teeth to build houses which was pretty neat to me at the time! #fortheloveofBLOG

  6. I really do not remember learning the truth, and I know I am carrying the dream and magic now for my kids. It’s such a fine line we cross in our values as we try so hard to always be truthful, yet we extend and embellish for the tooth fairy and Santa! Oy! #fortheloveofBLOG xoxo

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