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I’d like to celebrate mum’s marvelous knitting. As it’s my birthday today this is a special celebration of my mum, having given birth to me a whole 20 *cough* 8 years ago.

I can’t remember a time when my mum didn’t knit – when we were younger we used to joke about her click clacking through TV programs as she set to work on a new jumper or other garments. So, when news broke that I was pregnant, I’m sure her first thought probably jumped to all the nice little cardigans she could knit – and she did.

So here’s a rundown on Georgia’s one of a kind knitted wardrobe.

Cardigans knitted by Nanna

Georgia so far owns nine knitted by Nanna cardigans, as well as two dresses – and soon to own numerous pairs of cute booties.

My top three favourites are in the middle row of the above image:

Georgia wearing green cardigan3. In third place is the left, multi-coloured cardigan with flower detail on left breast. As well as using funky wool that changes from white to blue to pink, this jumper also has colourful buttons and looks a bit like a bomber jacket when she wears it with a nice pair of lovely tiny jeans. Almost like a pink lady…

2. In second place is the middle, light green cardigan. This one is really great on a spring day to keep the chill off and she also looks adorable in it! As it has lots of holes, it can keep her relatively cool as compared to a tighter knitted cardigan. It’s also very cuddly!

1. My absolute favourite so far is the right, Pink cardigan with frilly detailpink lightweight thin cardigan. This one is a more grown up cardigan and is all about the detail. The wool used is so thin and delicate that the cardigan is very soft. With a frilly collar and great diamond shaped detail on the bottom half, this cardigan looks great with pretty dresses, or to add a girly sparkle to an otherwise plain outfit.

Coming soon…

Blue booties for babyNanna has been hard at work on a few pairs of booties and can apparently whip them up while her tea is cooling. She is a ninja knitter, so this doesn’t surprise me. She’s already knitted her three pairs (that I’ve heard about) in blue, white and pink. I can’t wait to get these bad boys on her when we visit!

With her growing collection of knitted by Nanna cardigans and other wool items, I’m a bit sad that she’ll grow out of them, but never fear… Nanna has more wool and is already working on her autumn wardrobe.

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