Letter to my 9 month old

Dear Georgia,

You’re growing into such a strong and independent girl already and it sometimes feels like you’re no longer a baby.

You’ve never really been one for cuddles as you’d rather be playing and giggling instead. Of course, when you’re feeling ill there’s still nothing better than a cuddle with mummy to make you feel better.

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s such a joy to watch you playing and trying to stand up on your own. You get a bit frustrated when you can’t do it as you still need a bit of help from us to stand up. Once you’re up, you’re steady enough to stand and hold yourself up with a bit of an Elvis wiggle of your hips. It won’t be very long before you can do it all on your own. Like with any other development, we know that you’ll just stand up one morning to surprise us… you usually do!

You are also fiercely independent with your food. Unless you absolutely love it, you won’t accept it being spoon fed to you. If you’re given something to hold and eat however, you’ll gobble it up like there’s no tomorrow. So, we’ve tried to stick to food that you can hold yourself as you haven’t got the hang of a spoon yet although can already help me to guide it into your mouth.

Also, if it includes cheese, it’s bound to be a hit. I wonder where you get that from?

You’ve also now got two bottom teeth and are working on breaking through your top 4 at the same time! You’ve recently¬†been grinding your top emerging nubs with your bottom teeth – which makes a horrible noise like nails on a chalkboard.

I won’t bring attention to it though as you’ll just carry on doing it. So for now, I’ll cower silently, wishing to shove cotton wool into my ears¬†while you scrape your teeth while making a face that resembles Lou off Little Britain.

It’ll pass… I hope.

First proper picture of those pearly whites.

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As for moving, you’re a great shuffler. Like a downhill skier, you shimmy your legs from the left to the right to glide around the room. Luckily it’s quite a slow process so we have a bit of time before you’re into everything!

We’ve just had our first Christmas together too. You didn’t really know what was going on with so many people, but you enjoyed yourself and we had a great day. Your first big Christmas present was a white rocking horse with a tartan saddle called Winter. You already love playing with him and know that you need to rock forward and back although your feet don’t touch the floor!

Merry Christmas! #presents #snaphappybritmums

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You’ve also had your first trip to soft play centres and surprisingly don’t like ball pits much. I’m sure that’ll change over time! You do like the rocking bits though.

You’ve grown up so much in the past 3 months and I can’t believe that it’ll be your birthday in another 3.

In the next few months you’ll be getting used to nursery as I’ve just gone back to work (you’re already loving it!), practicing standing up on your own and maybe even walking.

Keep growing little one, I can’t wait to see what sort of girl you’ll become.

Mummy x

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