Letter to my one year old

Today, you turn one.

A whole year old made up of 12 magical months.

In the past three months, you’ve made such a dramatic transformation before my eyes. (See 9 month letter to catch up!) Even in the past few weeks you’ve lost your baby-ness and gained independence into toddler-hood. From having your very first pair of proper shoes, to moving to a forward facing car seat, you’re now growing into a big girl.

You still shuffle around the room on your bum, which I hope I don’t forget soon as it’s both adorable and hilarious when you build up speed.

You’re now really settled in at nursery and I find you sitting at the top of the slide (it’s only a small slide) when I come to pick you up. I don’t yet know what you’d do to get down if I wasn’t there as I’ve never seen you slide down it without help. I also didn’t know that you could combat the stairs to get up to the top of the slide…

You’re nearly walking – of course in your new shoes. You’ll gladly stroll around the living room rug if you’re holding our hands, but haven’t yet built the confidence to stand up on your own. It won’t take you very long.

You’re a fan of fruit and peas – (and let’s be honest… biscuits and chocolate), but not so much a fan of being fed with a spoon unless you REALLY like the food that’s being shoveled in. A little too independent me thinks!

You love our cats Helix and Penny. Each time you see them you squeal with delight. It reaches an unnatural tone – so much so that you squealed on the garden path the other day and I genuinely thought I’d stepped on a mouse. Luckily, it was just a bit of moss.

You can say mama and dadda… but apparently not on demand and only when you feel like it. You also wave, blow kisses and point to things you want. All of which makes us putty in your adorable little hands.

You love books. Mainly getting them out of the bookcase, but you’re starting to pay attention to read a story properly… although flap books are your clear favourites!

You have 6 full teeth through, with more on the way… 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. I have no idea why your next tooth to come though is a bottom molar – it makes no sense!

By the time I write another of these, you’ll be 18 months old. You’ll be so big, walking… talking. I honestly can’t imagine how much life will change in the next 6 months, but I’m looking forward to it.

Grow big little one.

Mummy x

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