Letter to my six month old

Kelly and Georgia EdwardsDear Georgia,

Happy six month birthday! I can hardly believe that you are now half a year old as time is just flying by far too quickly.

A lot has happened since I last wrote you a letter when you were only 3 months old.

You are still the epicentre of my world and still make me smile every day. But now it’s because you are developing your own personality. You love to blow raspberries – so much so that we have to keep you in dribble bibs… not for teething but because of the sheer volume of raspberry juice that exudes from your mouth! You are one cheeky lady.

You are also sitting up nicely especially when you have toys in front of you to keep your attention… including a stack of soft blocks that you like to knock over – usually with some force.

As you’re sitting up, you’ve also had a first swing on big girl swings… although you were more interested in staring at the boy next to you! I hope that trend doesn’t continue Miss Edwards.

A new thing you’ve developed a fondness for is flapping. If you’re happy, you’ll flap your arms up and down like a bird, hitting whatever is in your path. This comes into practice when you’re flinging Sophie the Giraffe around, whacking your legs… or whatever body part is in the way. Or more commonly… me.

Your favourite game at the minute is ‘Where’s Georgia?’, where you squeal with delight when you are uncovered! You also like being spooked, as when we say ‘Boo!’ after hiding you jump a little, have a big grin on your face and giggle. 🙂

You’ve also started your journey with food! Your first food was a rusk, which you gobbled up quicker than a wolf in Granny’s house. Since then you’ve had a variety of vegetables and fruits and pretty much eat everything in sight..while smearing your face in the process. You’ve even had the occasional chip from our plate while mummy and daddy are out for dinner which you love to chomp on. As you’re now 6 months old, we can now also start you on yoghurts and cheeses – I’m quite excited to be starting to cook some different recipes to see what you like!

You’ve also been on your first holiday to Center Parcs, which was a fantastic place to go and we had a great time… although you developed a habit while there of waking in the night again for a bottle. Just when we thought you were sleeping through the night too! I’m sure you’ll sleep through again at some stage, but I’m happy enough as you really need the food and drain the bottle.

I know that the next three months are going to be great but albeit testing with first teeth, crawling and eating a wider variety of foods all in the mix. I also can’t wait to start preparing for your first Christmas! The next three months are also the last that we get to spend every day together before I go back to work in January so I’ll be savouring every happy moment. Although I’m also excited about you starting nursery as it’ll be a great place to grow and learn.

Lots of Love,

Mummy x

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