Letter to my three month old

Dear Georgia,

Georgia 3 months oldThis is my first letter to you, which I hope to write every three months to tell you what you were like as a growing baby as I’m unlikely to remember every minor yet beautiful detail when you’re old enough for me to tell you.

Today you are three months old and I can honestly say, I can’t imagine my life without you. I can’t quite believe where that three months has gone, nor how I lived without you before.

You are the first person I think about when I wake up and the last person I think of before I go to sleep. I could stare at your tiny fingers grabbing hold of my hand as you have your bottle and your beautiful chubby feet all day as they’re so small… but sometimes very sharp!

When you wake me at 4am because you’ve lost your dummy, instead of groaning and sighing at the thought of being awoken at such an early time, Mummy comes and reunites you with your dummy and your favourite rabbit (called wabbit). Both of these send you back into the land of nod for another few hours giving Mummy some more sleep too!

In the morning when you finally do wake, there’s nothing that makes my heart melt more than seeing your gummy grin beaming from inside your cot to say hello to me. It’s your way of telling me that you’re really excited and happy to see me and I love savouring every one of your smiles. I hope you never lose this ability to make me happy with just a smile.

In the past three months you’ve grown considerably and are developing your own unique personality. You’ve even started to lift your head from the floor during tummy time! That probably seems like an easy feat, but I can assure you it was by no means easy for you to learn but Mummy was very proud when you did this for the first time.

You’ve also grown a lot of hair in the past three months, so much so that we’ve actually started using baby shampoo on you which makes your hair smell delicious. I could just eat you up, you are so yummy.

You are also very cheeky and love nothing better at the minute than joining in with a natter when I meet friends for a cup of tea. The occasional raspberry and bubble blow of saliva also gets thrown in there for good measure just to make sure people are paying attention to you. I have no doubt that you’ll make sure that you’re in the limelight as you continue to grow!

You’re far too keen to grow up already, preferring to sit up like a big girl (with tremendous strength and only slight wobble for your age) and hate being laid down as a babe-in-arms for a cuddle – such a thing is far too babyish for you. I fear that this is a very early sign that you want to grow up quickly (albeit hard for such a thing to be instilled at 3 months old) and I hope that you take your time with being a baby. Or that time now slows down a bit as it’s so hard to remember every detail.

Lots of Love,

Mummy xx



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