Center Parcs memories

Memories of Center Parcs

In my heart, Center Parcs will always sit in a warm and fuzzy place.

When I was a little girl, it was my home from home.

As well as sharing some beautiful pictures of me as a kid in Center Parcs (which largely feature my dad doing various activities with me), I want to tell you why I keep going back with my family…

Center Parcs memories

My memory of Center Parcs

I’ve been to Center Parcs a lot. Some of my first early memories are of being on the back of my dad’s bike or riding my first bike around various forests.

We used to go on holiday to Center Parcs until I was about 6 with family friends. There were 9 of us in total (4 adults and 5 kids) and we shared a lodge.

Most of my memories involve the play parks, cycling round the park, exploring around our lodge and the amazing subtropical swimming pool that we practically lived in. I love that my most treasured memories of these holidays are the free things. The moments that I spent with my family having fun.


As a girl, I was part mermaid.

My sisters and I fully embraced the spirit of Aqua Marina when in the pool. Or maybe a dolphin on occasion to mix things up.

So going to Center Parcs as a kid was just incredible. Less of the boring laps and more rolly pollys, rapids, lazy rivers and slides. My mum would set up camp on a lounger with a book (living the dream) and we’d whirlwind around the pool in a splashy fashion.

Venturing out

Although there is plenty to do in Center Parcs, we ventured out a few times into the wider world.

When in Holland, we went to Efteling which is a fairy tale theme park and we also visited Paris and the Eiffel Tower when visiting a French Center Parcs…

My memories are lacking somewhat of these events as most of my fond memories are of the inside of Center Parcs.

Although of all the things to remember, I remember being mesmerised by the talking bins in Eftleing!

Exploring around our lodge

Exploring was a big part of going to Center Parcs for me.

Whether that was on bikes riding to the Plaza, or venturing into the forest with my sisters to explore, we made the most of being in such a magical, safe place.

On one holiday, we bought a dingy to row around a central island that we had outside our lodge as well as a fishing rod…

On another break, we had a big hill at the back of our lodge which we ran up and down. On that holiday, we found a note from a mysterious person which asked us to reply. We excitedly wrote lots of replies to the mystery writer and had quite in depth conversation with them.

We then found out that it was one of my sisters that had written the letters as a joke, pretending to be a holiday pen-pal.

Play parks

We also spent a fair amount of time in the play parks around the village. With zip wires, slides, bridges and spring toys (you know.. the ones that boing forward and backward), they were great parks to play in.

To this day, zipwires still remind me of Center Parcs and I always remember going on one when I was about 5. My mum held on tight all the way down thinking that I’d fall off if left to my own devices. Not quite as fun when your mum is holding on I can assure you.

My best memories are the free ones. The ones spent with my family, exploring and making our own fun.

Pancake House

A trip to Center Parcs would not be complete without a visit to the Pancake House and I have very fond memories of going there!

As a kid (and let’s face it.. as an adult…), what’s better than a restaurant that only has pancakes and waffles on its menu?

Going back

Center Parcs we love badge

It’s sometimes not a good idea to re-visit places that you remember with fondness as it can shatter the magic and sparkle, tarnishing your memory like a broken mirror.

To go back again and again with my own daughter is both exciting and a bit daunting – would it live up to my memories, or were they rose-tinted?

But I can safely say that Center Parcs hasn’t lost any of it’s magic and wonder that I experienced as a child.

In fact, I appreciate it even more than I did as a child.

It also helps that they now have a pretty amazing spa that you just can’t appreciate as a child.

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  4. It’s so nice bringing your kids to places you enjoyed when you were young. I got to do that this summer & it brought back so many fabulous memories for me! Center Parcs sounds like a fab family holiday destination. #FartGlitter x

  5. Oh wow – I’ve only been as an adult but i can imagine the view of it would be very different if you’ve already been as a child. I love trips down memory lane!

  6. We had an inflatable crocodile too. We loved it! It survived many holidays with us. Your family holidays sound just like mine. Fun times!

    Thanks so much for linking up with #fartglitter x

  7. I have fond memories of a park where we could go camping and they had loads of activities – sadly it closed a couple of years ago. The thing is – we had good childhood memories but places change over the years. I say cherish those fond memories. Our perceptions might change of how the place look now and our kids may not share in the same joyful experiences that we did. Glad that the place is even better now than what is was back then#fortheloveofBLOG

  8. I’ve never been to Center Parcs but I always hear great things about it. When I was a kid we always holidayed at the same holiday park and I have fond memories of that too. It’s not too far away from us and you can do day visits there, so I think we’re likely to do that my daughter in the future #fortheloveofBLOG

  9. I do love Center Parcs, I just can’t justify the holiday prices as a teacher which is sad! The facilities and setting are always excellent! Glad you have such a fab time!

    Erin x


  10. Although we’ve never been to Center Parcs, my friends that have always say what a magical place it is. I guess we did the French version ‘Euro Parc’ no cabins just tents, but you can get away with that in the French heat. Holidays were magical growing up, a real highlight of the year. I hope I can bring the same magic to my children’s holidays. #fortheloveofBLOG

  11. I absolutely love Centre Parcs. Ive been as an adult and a child and loved both experiences in equal amounts. its such a great family destination

  12. I’ve never been but really want to go, it’s just really far out of our price range 🙁 my partner has been when he was little and remembers the parks, pancakes and swimming and says it’s amazing. #fortheloveofblog

  13. What lovely memories! Im glad it didnt disapoint bringing your lottle one there.
    I went once for a day as a kid (my cousin worked there) and ot was fab!! #FortheloveofBLOG

  14. I used to really, really, really want to go to CP as a kid but it was not to be as our family just couldn’t afford it. We’ve been 4 times with our kids and LOVE it – it definitely evokes a warm, fuzzy feeling for me when I think about going back – such an easy family holiday, such a happy place :-). Thanks for the reminder. #fortheloveofBLOG

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