Moving on to 3-6 month

Yesterday, when out shopping, I decided to start buying some 3-6 month sleepsuits for Georgia for when she’s ready to move on (she’s now 11.5 weeks old and about 11lbs8). Now, most sizing guidelines go up to about 13-14 lb for ‘up to 3 months’ so I thought I had some time to start my collection and to get the bits down from the loft that were kindly given to us by my sister in law.

After I pulled the sleepsuit out of the packaging I was commenting to my husband on how big it looked – there was no way that Georgia would be fitting into this soon, it looked huge!

3-6 month clothes on washing lineWell, last night when Georgia came down for her last milk before bedtime in her 0-3 month sleepsuit, we noticed that her toes were right at the end of the suit and her legs couldn’t fully straighten out… so whether the suit looked huge or not no longer mattered, she’d be in them tonight. I think they call that sods law.

I was genuinely amazed to see how not very baggy it was on her. I was expecting her arms and legs to be inches away from the ends, but they’re not. She obviously has a lot of growing room for the next 3 months, but it didn’t swamp her like I was expecting it to. She has obviously grown up a bit without me knowing!

I am however glad that she’s not quite out of her daytime 0-3 month clothes although it’s very nearly time. Some items she’ll be able to get away with for a bit longer, like dresses when matched with leggings or jeans. I’m desperately trying to circulate her clothes as much as possible to make sure she’s worn everything as it’s impossible to wear clothes out at this age. It’s especially hard when you forget you have a lovely outfit, which gets neglected for weeks as it’s at the back of the wardrobe or drawer.

Although I’ll be sad to see her 0-3 month wardrobe be put into storage (our loft will be getting very full soon…) she already has a fairly full wardrobe for 3-6 month clothes, so I’m looking forward to her being able to wear some of these lovely things!


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