My nightmare house move

You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA recently from our house move.

To be honest with you, our move was horrendous and it’s taken me a while to get over it.

Moving house to make a home

I was ready to have a fairly uneventful day of waiting around and pointing at where to put various boxes. To be fair, it started off just as I expected. All of our items were removed from our house box by box as our former home became a house and then just a shell with just echoes of the memories we had there.

The house that we’d made so many memories in – that we’d nurtured from a sorry state to a house that we could finally call home – was finally emptied and cleaned by 12.30. At which point we unceremoniously locked the door and told our removals men that we’d be in touch when we had the keys.

We thought this wait wouldn’t be too long so we were told that most transfers were complete between 12 and 3. We took our keys to the estate agents and became homeless.

We drove to a restaurant and excitedly ordered lunch. This was the first time that we’d eaten out without Georgia for a while so we wanted to make the most of it.

But as the clock ticked over to 2pm, we still hadn’t heard from our solicitors. We gave them a call.

It turned out that our buyers solicitors – Countrywide – were claiming that they hadn’t received the mortgage funds yet. Now, I won’t go into the ins and outs, but we haven’t had the best experience with their solicitors. Like a grumpy teenager, they’ve dragged their feet along the floor throughout the process – we had completed and were ready to exchange our paperwork a full month before they were in the same position!

Anyway, as time ticked on, we still hadn’t heard from them. My lovely lunch started to make my stomach turn and twist into knots of anxiety. “It’ll be fine before 3pm”. Still nothing. “It’ll be fine by 3.30”. Nothing.

After staring at the wall for hours, I began to panic about what we’d do with Georgia. Sure, if we didn’t have Georgia we would have just booked into a hotel, paid the extra for putting our things into storage and dealt with it. But Georgia wouldn’t fair well in a hotel. She needs milk and we wouldn’t be able to warm it up, or keep it cool and would mean that we wouldn’t be able to have dinner as she goes to bed so early.

So, at 4.30 with still no sign of movement I had to make the decision to drive to my parents house. One hour and 20 minutes away.

I had already packed a bag with a weeks worth of supplies and quick access to nappies etc so we were all sorted for the night with minimal effort.

It also gave me something to do – as staring at the walls and not being able to help to improve our situation was driving me mad.

When I arrived at my parents house I had a few messages on my phone from hubby to check. Our solicitors had issued Countrywide with a breach of contract and our seller with a permission to occupy (it was already empty as was previously rented). Serious stuff that our solicitors hadn’t heard of in over 100 cases.

After these were given, things started to move finally (Coincidence? I think not). The money cleared into our solicitors before 5pm and we had the keys by 5.15pm. We were in.

At which point I was already 130 odd miles away and would have to take the next day off work. A small price to pay to get my stomach to settle and move into the house properly.

I cannot fault our removal men. They waited and never asked for extra money to do so like some companies would. When hubby arrived at the new house to move in, half a dozen men had turned up from the company to help and got us in by 7.30pm. I’ve bought them a couple of boxes of nice beer as a thank you – they really went above and beyond to help us get in on a day when everything else was going wrong.

So, it was a nightmare. But we’re in now.

This experience will soon become a distant memory as we start to make our new house a home. I’m already so much happier with our new house and the possibilities it gives us. Watch out on my Youtube channel for a new video coming soon with a tour!

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  1. Oh no. Sorry to hear it was such a nightmare, but glad you are in now. I have just signed the contract on my new place and sent it off to the solicitors today. Hoping I won have any of these issues! #tribe

    1. Post

      Ooh that’s so exciting!! I hope you have a really smooth move – ours was just sheer bad luck of other side choosing a rubbish solicitors x

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