Reality of Nursery

Georgia mucky from NurseryCovered in muck, snot dribbling from her nose, hair all messy and only one sock.

THIS is what going to nursery looks like.

Sure, she’s had a fantastic day but I have to admit, it’s not what I expected.

I had an illusion in my head – before she started in January – of nursery being pretty much like playing at home, but with more interaction, singing and planned activities. It would be like Mary Poppins looking after her.

Sure, it is that to a certain extent. But it’s more. It’s intense fun.

Messy fun

Intense fun apparently means messy fun. She comes home COVERED in mess. Sometimes it’s sand. Sometimes it’s jelly. Sometimes I don’t even want to know what it is. Whatever it is, it’s now lodged into the cracks in her car seat, dispersing tiny clouds of nursery every time it’s disturbed by her being flomped into her seat. I should probably clean it out regularly… but I fear it would be a wasted effort before the next nursery day.

She’s in fact so messy when I pick her up that I feel the need to hold her at arms length, or dip her into a warm bath immediately. But obviously, I can’t do that and instead also get covered in whatever it is she’s been playing in that day. Yuck.

Sock monster

Nursery also have a sock monster that eats tiny socks. But not both of them, oh no… just the one.

We’re now left with a mountain of single tiny socks, forever waiting for their partner at home. Every few weeks we raid the bowl of socks at nursery to see if we can spot one of those that are missing. But the trouble is… when they’re mixed in with tens of other kids socks it’s really hard to remember which ones are yours.

Did her socks have a pink edge with a flower? Or perhaps those purple ones with the dots?

Honestly, I’ve stolen some socks from that basket. But I presume that other parents have done the same with her socks. I suppose that makes me a thief, but nursery don’t mind… in fact they like my thieving ways as it means they have less socks left to find homes for. Obviously, I don’t steal just any socks – only ones that ‘could’ be hers…

After all, I can’t remember what every single pair of her socks looks like!


One thing I don’t like about nursery is reporting bumps. As she’s still learning to walk, she gets a fair amount of bumps… which is fine. It’s normal. It doesn’t make me a bad mum, but I feel like a bad mum as I have to report it to nursery when I go in. It has to be written down, documented and countersigned.

“Ooh how did it happen?” They ask.

“Erm, she fell over” Do they think I’m lying? Will they report it to social services? Will they think I’m irresponsible as I let it happen?

I’m sure every parent thinks the same and it’s always fine, but it does make me a little nervous¬†in anticipation for that conversation. Equally, they have to tell me when it was their fault… and they ALWAYS look really guilty, so I suppose it goes both ways.

You can read more about our nursery experience here:



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  1. We have this all to come in a few weeks time! Eek! Thanks for the pre warning. Her intro sessions start in about 4 weeks. What happened to my maternity leave it’s gone so quickly. Claire X

  2. Oh I can imagine the bump thing…i was looking at my son the other day wondering how on earth he was quite so covered in bruises!! I was feeling terribly guilty and there wasn’t even anyone else in the room! This describes my niece and nephew exactly and now my son has started preschool, it’s not much different there…although he does come home with socks intact but he seriously looks like a messy, sweaty, beast when I pick him up! Must be fun though #tribalchat

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