She’s developing so fast!

In the past week, Georgia has been developing pretty quickly with a huge milestones squishing themselves into one day – or at least so it seems. Here’s a run down of what’s new in a week!

She’s on the move… albeit very slowly

Developments for a six month oldShe’s been sitting steadily for a while now, but in the past week she’s actively been trying to get things that are out of her grasp. In the week it started by just leaning forward into a yoga pose that I’m envious of (I can’t even touch my toes) and having the strength to pull herself back up again….

Bearing in mind this is only in the past week that she started doing this, she’s now got this little bum bop going on while she’s leaning forward, supporting the weight on her arms… often culminating in a face plant.

She also moves herself round on her bum by pulling forward on her hands – which means that if we turn away for a second she uses a ‘weeping angels’ technique to turn sideways, or across her play mat. We haven’t actually seen her do this for ourselves as she seems to know when we’re not looking to do most of her moving!

So, with her bum bops, she’s in the final stages of building up strength for crawling. God help us. Looking round my living room, I have a lot of work to do to make it friendly and I better batten down the hatches ready for her to create as much chaos as a small tornado.

Mmmmm…. Ddddd…

This week has also seen the development of some different sounds. She doesn’t use them very often, using what sounds like Mum when she’s upset – a nice trick which I’m sure is where the word Mum really comes from. She also uses a few D’s and B’s thrown in for good measure, but I don’t think she’s fully aware that she’s doing it as she’s not repeating them.

It won’t be long though until we have a babbler on our hands.

Teething begins

Yes… the dreaded teething stage has begun. I was dreading this day and as she’s the last of her little friends to cut a tooth. I somehow thought that she’d be ‘one of those’ that would forever be toothless (or at least until she was 1). It’s sometimes no fun seeing what lies ahead when you see the pain and upset that it causes, but it’s an inevitability.

She started by rubbing her eyes and ears, which is usually a sign that she’s tired, although as she’d only just woken up after a fairly good night’s sleep, there was no way she was tired. After a couple of hours, that dreaded red cheek appeared to confirm my suspicions that she was teething.

We’ve so far been getting along using a distraction technique and teething toys as she’s only really whining at this stage. If we bring out our A-game for whining, then she might as well be hooked up to a Calpol drip… although let’s face it, that is tempting at times isn’t it? However, I am poised with that syringe of Calpol and other teething medicine for when it get’s bad.

I can’t believe how much she’s progressed in just a week, it seems so crazy!

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