Sleep lottery

baby sleeping, the sleep lottery“How are they sleeping?” is most probably the number one thing that friends and family will ask any new parent.

But the answer is often a rocky one. As soon as you think you’ve had a glimmer of hope from a handful of through the night sleeping which seems miraculous and results in you smugly posting updates about how revitalised you are, baby then decides that it’s time to mix things up a little.

It’s quite literally a sleep lottery. Some nights you’re a winner and other nights you are most definitely a loser.

Sleep loser

We’ve had a week’s worth of inconsistent sleep. Two back-to-back nights she slept through till about 6am – pretty much a 12 hour sleep, whereas other nights she’s woken in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.

As we know that she can sleep through the night and resettle herself, we always leave her for a while to see if she can resettle herself.

But how does anybody know when enough is enough and what do you do when they aren’t sleeping? I think the simple answer is that nobody knows, that each child is different – and different each day – but we all try our best.

To try our best, I’ve learnt very quickly that I need good problem solving skills… here’s what a typical waking night looks like for us…

Typical night time waking routine

  1. Moaning and raspberries are heard on the monitor
  2. Hold breathe so she can’t hear you breathing from her room and listen for her to self settle for about 30 minutes while I stare at the ceiling
  3. Look at partner and have a short conversation about the fact that she’s not settling
  4. Go into her room bleary eyed to be greeted by her trying to play hidey-boo by hiding under her comforter and pulling it away quickly with a big grin on her face
  5. Switch Ewan the dream sheep back on for 20 minutes (and sniff for poo while you’re there)
  6. 20 minutes later still moaning
  7. Decide that more action is needed… but really don’t want to pick her up to disrupt her unless necessary
  8. Does she need a bop? Bop for 15 minutes
  9. Put her down, starts to cry again… repeat step 7
  10. As a very last resort try a bottle of milk… drinks the whole thing and goes back to sleep
  11. Decide that if you would have started with the last thing you tried, it would have been a lot quicker and you’d be asleep by now.

So the cover all answer to “how are they sleeping?”, turns out to be… “Like a baby”.

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