Success at Tummy Time

Baby Tummy TimeAfter weeks of willing Georgia on at Tummy time we have finally cracked it with a full head off of the floor. There was no middle ground in this development, she just seemed to magically do it one day. Hurrah!

I’ve noticed that a lot of her developments seem to follow along the same path – in that it’s less of practice makes perfect and more of a sudden leap in ability.

Here’s the story of her journey to successful tummy time…

Tummy time… when?

After the health visitor came for her 6 week check, which now feels like a lifetime ago (or half of Georgia’s lifetime ago at any rate), we were told that we could officially start tummy time. This was on a few conditions…

1. Don’t do it when she’s just eaten – makes sense as I didn’t want my playmat to end out covered in self-induced projectile vomit.

2. Don’t do it when she’s tired – well… this was starting to rule out more of the day as she was more often asleep than awake. She still is as she only tends to have half hour power naps through the day… just a lot of them!

3. Don’t do it when she’s hungry – this made sense too as she’d otherwise scream earlier as she would be wanting her milk and may not have the energy to try tummy time.

So, I was to find some time in the day where she wasn’t sleepy, hadn’t just eaten and wasn’t hungry. Hmm. Bearing in mind that she eats on a 3 hour cycle, in reality this probably only left me with a maximum window of about 15 minutes. IF I was lucky.

Tummy time = face plant

Not only did we have time to contend with, but when we finally got round to tummy time (feeling chuffed with myself for finding this golden window), she just wouldn’t even try it. It was more of a time of me watching how long she’d go with her face smooched into the play mat without crying than any formal attempt to lift her head.

Quite often it’d end with her crying after only a minute at the very most of trying. Sigh. I thought we weren’t going anywhere at that rate.

This also left me with a baby that wasn’t hungry or tired, but by my own fault was now grumpy having had to go through the ordeal of tummy time.

But, after many attempts our battle has now been unexpectedly conquered.

We have lift off!

This week we’ve had a full head being lifted off of the ground. I have no idea where this came from as she hasn’t even come close before. I secretly think she’s been practicing in bed at night. So she is now a very clever girl having mastered this important life skill in her journey to crawling then walking!

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