Waking for dummy

The last few nights have seen our sleep disrupted again. So far, Georgia has got herself in a good habit of sleeping through from 8pm to about 5-6am without a feed. I know I’m very lucky for her to already be sleeping through!

Georgia SleepingShe’s still feeding at 5-6am but for the last few nights has woken up from 1am, with last night being the pinnacle, waking hourly from 1am until 5am. Not for a feed, but just because she lost her dummy.

Never before has she done this, so I’ve been thinking about the reasons why this could be in case I can solve it simply.

I really hope we can as I don’t want to have to wake hourly to replace her dummy!

Comfort blanket?

Georgia has started to become attached to soft things – starting with her ducky. Last night when Georgia was getting off to sleep, she was screaming blue murder right up to the point where I placed her soft jellycat blanket near her face. But, she likes pulling it toward and over her face, so I don’t like leaving her with it as she’s not quite dexterous enough to move it out of the way. So, as a compromise, I’ve just bought two muslin comfort blankets from JoJo Maman Bebe. These have a breathable muslin blanket centre, so it’s safe to be over her face without suffocating her.

This now means that I can leave her with it and know that she’s safe and comfortable to sleep. I tried it out this afternoon round a friend’s house and she fell fast asleep on the floor with the blanket completely over her face. Looked a bit cruel like I was covering her up, but she fell asleep virtually instantly after it was near to her so she obviously likes it!

Hopefully this works well tonight too to help sooth her if she wakes in the night.


I thought (and still think) it might be to do with her nappies. She’s still in size 2 and we use Aldi’s Mamia range. It may be a coincidence, but her waking has coincided with the opening of a new packet – with the new packet having changed from disappearing stars to show wetness to a line (like pampers). So, they may have changed them slightly.

Now, I really ┬ádon’t know if they’ve changed anything else about the nappies, but this change could potentially be the reason for her waking hourly if she’s noticing wetness any more than usual. Equally, I could be clutching at straws, but it was worth changing this to see if it was the cause. I’d kick myself in a few days time if just changing her nappy type at night helped her to sleep through. So, we’ve now moved onto size 3 nappies for the night… I’ll let you know how we fair!

These are my only two theories so far and we’ve made the changes necessary to see if these work… if you have any theories as to why she could be waking hourly (for no apparent reason other than losing her dummy), or any tips please let me know!

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