Weaning – first food

We're weaningWe’ve started weaning! It’s an exciting time and I’ve been really blown away with how quickly she’s taken to eating pureed solids.

She’s quite young to start weaning at just over 4 months old, but she is able to sit up steady when supported without wobbling to the side and regularly draws her toys to her mouth. So we thought we’d give it a whirl. If she wasn’t ready then we were prepared to wait a while.


Now, here’s where I confess that I’m a naughty mummy. The first food I gave her was a rusk. I’m sure I’m not alone in this and it makes me feel a bit guilty.

I was in half a mind to lie on my blog and say that we went for a pure veg first approach with her first taste of food being potato. I mainly thought of doing this for fear of the trolls of the internet world descending to judge my parenting and tell me that she’s going to be obese, but then thought better of it. My blog is for documenting how we’re bringing up Georgia and that now involves a rusk. To say otherwise would be untrue.

Granted, I won’t be telling my health visitor that she has a bit of rusk every now and again as I know exactly what she’d say. I understand that it has wheat and sugar in it and I understand why my daughter shouldn’t have these things too early on.

Equally, it’s only a sodding biscuit and she loved it.

I just couldn’t go through life knowing that her first taste of food was a bit of bland potato and having a nibble on a rusk isn’t going to make my daughter obese. Nor is it going to put her off eating vegetables or scar her journey with eating.

When we’re not eating biscuits, we’re eating veg

Other than my naughty parenting escapade, we have been using Ella’s Kitchen ‘The Purple One’ weaning cookbook with a pureed vegetable approach. We looked into baby led weaning, but it’s just not right for us.

We started off with baby rice to see if she was ready to start weaning – for which she wolfed down a fair few spoon-fulls – some of which she guided into her mouth herself which settled the question as to whether she was ready.

First tastes of weaning love hate


Here are her first few days of veg, with how she’s taking to them:

1) Her first ‘real’ food was potato. The expression she gave us is now called ‘potato face’. It was half disgust, half inquisitive. Although she didn’t seem too keen on the texture, she seemed to like the taste and wanted more! A disguised success.

2) Next up was broccoli. She seemed to quite like broccoli (first picture at the top) which I wasn’t expecting after she wasn’t quite sure on potato as I thought the texture would be a bit bizarre for her if she didn’t get on with potato.

3) We then had some very ripe avocado mixed with her milk which she LOVED (pictured above as ‘Love’) – she had about a quarter of it in the end which is quite a lot for first tastes.

4) Cauliflower was next on the list, again she wasn’t sure on the texture (pictured above as ‘hate’) but still wanted more and polished off the bowl that I’d prepared so she must have liked the taste!

5) Then we had green beans. They were such a faff to make, having to strain them to get rid of the fibrous parts after blending them. After the faff of making them, it then turned out that she really didn’t like them. Such a look of disgust with a full on shiver.

6) Today we had courgette. She was quite happy to ask for more, but she really didn’t seem phased by it, so I don’t think she has any particular feelings for courgette. Maybe because it’s quite watery?

So far, we’ve loved trying new tastes and textures and my freezer is slowly filling up with pureed food ready for her second tastes! With so many veg, fruit and other tastes to get used to, we’ve got a long way to go, but I’m looking forward to it.


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