Weaning – variety is the spice of life

When we first started weaning, I was pretty excited. We started with a few spoons of potato and she gobbled it up readily.

We tried different vegetables and she had a healthy appetite to try new things with a widely ranging diet day-to-day.

It was all going swimmingly and with each new flavour, the remains of my blended concoction would be frozen. Day after day, more pots would be added to the growing pile of abandoned vegetables.

From the first two weeks of weaning alone, we’d accumulated enough frozen blended vegetables to open our own soup kitchen.


Freezer vegetable farm

I’d stare into the freezer and contemplate which new combination we’d have for that day. But day after day, the amount of choice and variety grew slimmer and slimmer.

She was still eating well, but my excitement over weaning was waning and it was verging on boredom. Potato again. Carrots again.

Then those shiny Ella’s Kitchen pouches stared at me with a knowing look. At first I was going to leave these for when we’re out and about as they’re so handy as would be fairly pricy to eat every day. But I was driven to start using them at home more often just for a bit of variety.

Pouch problem

She loved them and frankly, it was just easier. She only has maximum of half a pack at a time still.

So although pouches helped to get a bit of variety into her otherwise freezer-driven diet, it also further aided the problem of variety.

The second half of the pouch needs to be eaten in the next 48 hours. So yet another meal would have to be the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pouches. They’re simple and they taste delicious. They take the stress out of it all and that’s a big thumbs up in my opinion.


I’m all for batch cooking, but weaning gets to a ridiculous standard if you’re making it yourself. It’d be like making 6 lasagnes to put in your freezer. Now, I love lasagne, but who on earth would do that?

With so many delicious recipes for weaning food, I’d love to make them, but do I really want another 20 portions that I’ll have to feed her daily to get through it all?

Making only one portion is near-on impossible. Especially if you don’t want to go through the effort of cleaning pots and pans for such a small volume of food.

We’ve tried using bits of our own dinners, but our diet isn’t very Georgia friendly, so we can’t do this every day.

So weaning isn’t as easy as I thought it’d be.

Sure, she gets fed regularly, but is it varied? Not really. If we ignore the biscuits and crisps it’s also a fairly healthy one. Then again, if we ignore my biscuits, crisps and consumption then I may be able to lose a bit of weight.

I am by no means a weaning warrior. In fact I feel like weaning has become a chore. Something that I know has to be done and something that I worry about, when it should be fun.


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  1. Could she be any cuter?!! My youngest LOVE the pouches!! I only wish they were around for 1 & 2.
    Pouch tip…. they make ones you can fill yourself. fill it up half way. More work but still less mess….

    1. Thanks Priscilla! We have the DIY pouches! I haven’t used them yet as they’re quite big… at the minute would just be a different way of freezing, so would still have a full freezer. Hmm… I’m sure it’ll get easier as she eats more! x

    1. Thanks for the tip. I don’t think BLW is really for us. The things we eat aren’t usually very baby friendly (spicy, salt etc), but I’m contemplating doing a bit of research on it! x

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