Week 12 has been hard

Georgia at week 12The last week or so has been a bit of a roller-coaster for Georgia. She went through a phase of waking up intermittently to sleeping through again and then back again with about one wake for dummy. She’s also now more distressed and screwing her face up to cry every time I put her down for a nap when she used to accept it and drift off. She’s not in a leap so is just unfortunately one of those phases that all parents hope they’ll grow out of some day…. although I hear bad news about the 4 month sleep regression. More on that next month…

But the one thing that I’ve been dreading for week 12 is her second set of jabs. Mainly because these are the first jabs that she’s had where I’ve taken her alone. To top it off, her second set of jabs were due on the hottest day of the year  and my God it’s hot.

Whenever it’s jab day, I always make sure that she’s wearing something with her legs out – so either shorts or a dress – it just saves having to undress her and redress her while she’s crying. Today, the shorts won out.

Return of the Jabs

It always takes Georgia a few seconds to realise that she’s had a jab… just enough time for me to think “oh, she’s handling this really well”. Then the tears come flooding out (luckily hers, not mine).

The oral medicine which is supposedly meant to taste nice and distract her also doesn’t work. She just cries round it to form a gurgle before nearly choking on it. My Georgia isn’t stupid… chocolate may work in a few years time as bribery, but more medicine? No.

She soon calmed down after a short cuddle and we went back off home for her to recover more.

She’s spent most of the afternoon awake being happy and gurgley – I believe they call that the calm before the storm. Having timed the last injections reaction to about 8 hours, I’m estimating that if she’s going to feel bad, it’ll be at about 7pm… AKA bedtime.

This could make for a very interesting bedtime, but luckily I have the Calpol ready and waiting for the slightest hint of discomfort.

Hopefully with it’s help we’ll have a blissful night’s sleep… that is if any of us can get to sleep tonight in this infernal heat.

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  1. Good luck tonight, hope the jabs don’t affect her too much and you manage to all get some sleep despite the heat wave! 🙂

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