We’re on the move

On Thursday we finally heard the news. We’re moving.

We’ve known for some time that we’re going to move, having put our house up for sale (one of my aims for 2016), sold it and found a new house to call a home. But what we hadn’t known for ages is the when.

Moving house to make a home

When people asked us how it was going expecting us to casually drop that we’ve got a date they were met with a huff, a sigh and a groan around the subject. It took forever to get to where we are now – having only had one first time buyer and one seller in our entire chain.

It should have been simple and we could have been in from early June. So to be moving mid-July is just annoying and disapointing.

So, we go the date through of the 22nd – what would be 2 weeks after exchanging contracts. But because this whole charade has taken too long our mortgage offer would expire by then. Nooo! We pulled the date back to the 15th. Just a week after exchange. Then our buyers moved it to the 14th – less than a week after exchange and exactly a week after we heard the news of the move.

We went from snail pace to cheetah-like panic in a few moments. When we nearly lost hope of moving any time soon, our dreams were realised again.

I still can’t believe that in less than a week we’ll be in our new house – frantically trying to restore our lives out of boxes.

Georgia will probably be in her element with loads of boxes but luckily will be in nursery for the move so we won’t have to juggle her and the move.

It’s been so long since we saw the house that I’m actually forgetting what it looks like. But I suppose I’ll have plenty of time to acquaint  myself soon enough.

I’ll miss you

Although I’m totally excited to be moving, I’m also getting into a sentimental phase. That rose-tinted world when we know something is about to end.

Everything is more beautiful when a deadline on your happiness is given. I feel like I need to mentally capture the house in it’s best way before we go. Before it’s too late. This was the house that we got married in. The house that we got our cats. The house that we had Georgia. Above all, this house will forever be our ‘first house’ and as such will hold a piece of my heart forever.

When we first moved in we had that “OH MY GOD” moment. It was cold. I’m talking end of December, heating had been off for a few weeks before we moved in sort of cold. So cold that I remember curling up in bed for our first night regretting our decision.

Each room also had textured wallpaper ingrained into the walls which we gradually painstakingly took off every room. I remember one wall in the dining room had big claw marks down it from where the previous owner’s dog’s scratched down the textured wallpaper. It looked like the room had seen an exorcism. Over the years, we improved the house, got a new kitchen, bathroom and basically gave the house a bit of love and a bit of us. It hadn’t been loved in years.

But as soon as we’d finished giving the house as much love as we had the energy for, we decided it was time to move.

If I’m being honest, this house – like me – isn’t perfect. We have no central heating. No off road parking. A sloping garden that I’ve never really used in the 5 years we’ve lived here. It’s been a house that we’ve lived in and given as much care as we possibly can, but in my heart, it’s never been enough.

So although I’ll be sad to see our first house go for sentimental reasons, I’m really excited to be having a house with off road parking, a garage, different layout, 3 toilets and NO textured wallpaper.

A house that we can really make into a home that’ll work for our family.

Wish us luck x

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  1. Good luck with your move! One of my biggest goals is to have a ‘home’ for my family – not a crappy, damp rented flat. We’re a long way from being able to afford to buy, but renting a nicer place would be a good start. Time to start saving! #triballove

  2. I wish you all the best in your move! Having never really brought a house I can’t really comment on much of this, apart from having the best memories of moving house when I was younger! I look back now at those days when it was just a little cold and having the heating switched on and each room getting gradually warmer as we sat with hot chocolate next to the fire. They are some of my fondest memories! But then, when it came time to move out of my mothers to the house I am in now, I didn’t want to leave. I remember the day that all the carpets went down and my mother saying “I’ll start putting all your stuff near the door then” and a confused me saying “No, no one more night!”

    (Sorry, bit of a long comment!) Lucy xx #triballove

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