#WickedWednesday: Took a pen off her

Wednesday is my non-working day.WickedWednesday wouldnt give her a pen

As well as being a magical day where I get to spend it with my poppet… it’s also now full of 10 second tantrums. This is quite new to us… as Georgia has only just discovered the art of a tantrum. I think she’s quite good at it personally.

So as a welcome relief to my usual picture perfect, edited photos, here’s a short Wicked Wednesday post with her most recent 10 second tantrum. No filters, no edits, just reality.

You’d have thought that she’d hurt herself, fallen off her chair or something really dramatic had just happened to cause her to collapse on the floor and weep into the floorboards. But no.

This one was caused over her taking a pen, waving it about with pride and me quickly taking it off her with a “ta”.

Apparently that was the wrong thing to do…
Tantrum over a pen


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      They are literally only for 10 seconds then she moves on! It’s like watching a short storm followed by a rainbow! x

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      They make me laugh too! Especially when they’re over the silliest of things. I wonder where she gets her drama from…hehe. x

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