5 Ways I Know it’s Summer

1st day of summerI think we can all safely say: IT’S SUMMER!

I know this for a few reasons. Not just because the sun has got his hat on (hip hip hip hip hooray), but because of the way that people act on the first official day of summer.

So here’s my run down of the top 5 thing’s we’ve seen and done this weekend that tell me it’s officially summertime.

Let me know how many you did this weekend!

1. Going shopping for new clothes

I looked at that bright sunshine, checked my wardrobe for something suitable and started panicking. I didn’t seem to have anything to wear. So, we decided to go shopping. We seemingly weren’t alone in this novel idea.

Every shop was full of sweaty, half-naked shoppers. It’s also the first time that shops have been ridiculously busy since Christmas which also coincides with shops ‘forgetting’ where that air-con button is.

I decided that it’d be a good idea to venture into Primark for my summer workwear haul. <– Award for best idea ever? Probably not.

See my latest Vlog about my Primark haul to see what I got…

2. You can’t see the playground through the children

As soon as the sun comes out, so does the swarms of children on play equipment. Sometimes there are just so many children that you can’t actually see the play equipment. It’s hard to differentiate between the slides, swings and climbing frames through the throng of children. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare as would be near to impossible to keep track of them in that jungle.

Our park has an additional problem that it includes sand and water features. Most children decide to go in swimwear (sensible) and run round like crazy Sand-people, covered from head to toe. That’ll be a treat for the car journey home I’m sure!

Just two weeks ago, we went with our friends to be met with a deserted playground and were foolishly expecting a similar experience. This time, I saw my friend from across the playground and our eyes met with a mutual wide-eyed “Jesus Christ it’s busy” expression.

3. You can’t get into the ‘nice walk’ car park if you arrive too late

You can’t miss out on the first ‘going out for a nice walk’ day out somewhere nice… It would be a missed opportunity otherwise right?

But, if you don’t go early, don’t even think about going at all!

For the first day of proper ‘summer’, if you’re planning a nice walk out, don’t arrive at peak time, it’ll be heaving and you’ll run the risk of not getting car parking.

Our local ‘nice walk’ spot – a nature reserve – had to close their gates at midday as the car park was full. Both their normal fairly large car park and the overflow going onto grassy areas.

Smugly, I was looking at all of the fuming faces on the way out of the car park at 12, after arriving at 10am. Smug smug smug.

4. Hunt for the the suncream

Now, we know that we bought loads of factor 50 last year… but where on earth did we put it?

The sun cream hunt is then on to rummage through the cupboards – obviously at the last minute before going out. Luckily we found it in it’s now year old gunky self. Yummy.

I’m then presented with the task of chief masseuse to lather up a toddler, which was really simple… <– Said no parent ever.

5. Getting the garden ready

The lawn has been mowed, a few huge nasty weeds got rid of… our garden is now back to ‘manageable’. If we weren’t in the limbo of moving (date not yet set…) we’d probably be dusting off the outdoor patio stuff too and getting ready for a BBQ… but as it is, we’re indoor bound.

The common theme in all of these is that we all get to spend more quality time with our family when it’s sunny – and apparently with hundreds of other like-minded people. Whether that’s taking a shopping trip, going for a walk or letting the kids run wild, what at first seems like an magical idea soon transpires to be not so unique.

But at least it’s sunny right? What crazy ‘first day of proper summer’ stuff did you do?Run Jump Scrap!

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  1. We are going into Winter but can relate on many aspects as I too have bought some new pyjamas for winter! I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather- we are cozying up with the heater brrr #fartglitter

  2. Ah, seasons. I’m jealous. It is perpetual summer here. We’ve had 38 degrees C for the last 6 weeks. Over it!


  3. In our family it’s the paddling pool that gives it away. The second it’s almost remotely warm I have two screeching offspring demanding paddling pool complete with slide into it. They were in it two weeks ago, 3 days before we had snow? I’ve even been sucked into the summer madness this year and yesterday I purchased actual plants!? I even dug soil and planted them! I do not fancy their chances though as I am notorious for killing plants. Still its the though that counts! 😉 x
    Happy sunshine to you and yours! #bestandworst x

    1. Post

      Ahh the paddling pool! G isn’t quite old enough to discover the joys of a paddling pool… but it deserves to be on the list. Yes.. that snow was crazy wasn’t it?? The weather is now pants around here… summer seems to be over for now – at least it’ll be nice for your plants!! x

  4. In Liverpool you know it’s summer when the maxi dresses, sunglasses and 6inch wedges come out. Oh & big bouncy hair. Haha

    Great Primark haul, I’m overdue a shop myself, so thanks for the tips. Now I just need to sort the garden…

    Hippip pip horray :0) X #bestandworst

    1. Post

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my Primark haul – there’s loads of lovely things. I especially liked a sleeveless jacket they had, it was quite long and in a light pink colour… but I thought “would I wear this?” and sadly said no 🙁 Regret not getting it now! xx

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