Baby sitting up photo sessions – is it worth it?

We recently took Georgia to a ‘sitting up’ photo session – that is, a photo session that can be booked as soon as your little one can sit up steadily.

The last time we visited our photographer was when Georgia was 9 days old, when she was squidgy and malleable enough to change her position throughout the 3-4 hour photo shoot without her waking up. It was really hard to choose a small number to buy in the end as they were just all so gorgeous!

But this time we knew that she would be awake for the entirety of the photo shoot and we didn’t know how she’d react to the photographer.

Often, Georgia can get a little shy when with other people – which would either mean that we’d have no smiles in the photos, or that she’d be in a right grump.

Luckily she was fine! Our photographer put her at ease and knew all the tricks to make her smile – if only for a snapshot every now and again. We also helped out with clapping to keep her attention and lots of funny faces.


As with her newborn shoot, there were a selection of themes set up in the studio ready to play with and we were asked to bring a couple of outfits so that we could have variety in the pictures. Choosing nice outfits was frankly difficult – which one?!

We opted for a pink dress that she’d worn to a wedding, a tutu and a casual outfit of pink sparkly shorts, white tights and a deer jumper.

The scenes that we used were a floral background, a bed scene, fairy lights and pompoms. I’m particularly excited to see the pompom pictures and expect that we’ll be spending small fortune.

As well as having many pictures of Georgia with her outfits on, we also had a few side on nude pictures, or with just her nappy on with a gorgeous white nappy cover.

By the end of the photoshoot Georgia was working the camera like a little model, leaning in and staring at the camera with her big blue eyes. Sitting up photoshoot floral

Is it worth it?

I would definitely recommend a sitting up session. I mean come on… LOOK at that picture!! Babies change so quickly in six months that it’s sometimes difficult to capture the stage properly.

I take a fair few pictures of Georgia – check out my Instagram feed and you’ll see a pretty comprehensive chronical! But I’m by no means a professional photographer. Even the previews of the photoshoot that we receive (above image courtesy of Anna Elizabeth Photography) are absolutely amazing and really capture the essence of Georgia.

But, it’s not only the equipment, scenery and amazing photographer that help to capture these moments, but it’s the fact that we dedicated some time to doing it, when we’d otherwise just snap moments here and there.

So if you’re umming and arring as to whether to do it, I’d say go for it – they’re only babies once and the photos will last a lifetime.

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