Pink dinosaur cake topper

2nd birthday dinosaur party

Dinosaurs aren’t just for boys.

My daughter is obsessed by dinosaurs and when I asked her if she wanted a princess, pirate or dinosaur party, she opted for dinosaurs every time I asked.

Of course, it’s not an easy theme to run with.

Dinosaurs aren’t ‘traditional’ enough for girls to like (apparently, although we all know how much rubbish that is).

For Georgia’s second birthday party, we decided to have a dinosaur/jungle themed party. To be honest, we struggled to find decorations of cute dinosaurs instead of scary ones which is why we combined it with a jungle theme.

So here’s a rundown of how we had a super second birthday…

Pink dinosaur cake topper

Dinosaur cake

As the first real year where Georgia knew what was going on for her birthday, I wanted to get her a special cake.

After researching a few local companies, I opted for Cupalicious after ‘oohing’ after every image that she adds of recent cakes she’s made on her Facebook page. It’s always a good idea to check out their previous work to make sure that you’re happy with their techniques and that people leave happy reviews.

Her cake had a hand molded pink dinosaur topper, little dinosaur footprints as well as palm trees around the side and cute marble stones!

It really made for a great centerpiece and tasted delicious too.

Bouncy castle

As the main entertainment for our two year old party, we had a bouncy castle with a slide. At first I wasn’t too sure whether it was necessary but the kids LOVED it. Even the kids that don’t usually like bouncy castles loved it as the slide added an extra element. Georgia enjoyed it so much that she was doing laps on the slide for at least 15 minutes before everybody arrived.

We found a jungle themed bouncy castle with nice looking graphics – you’d be amazed at how many ‘bodged’ bouncy castle companies there are so it’s worth doing some research!

Party bags

Instead of filling party bags with tut, we opted for buying individual dinosaurs from I found them while looking for a cheap alternative to goodie bags and even looked at bulk toy suppliers as I wanted to buy about 12 soft toys.

On their site, they have ‘itsy dinosaurs’, which are hand sized toys and perfect as a little giveaway. It also fitted in nicely with the theme and I picked a pair of each 6 varieties of dinosaur they have on the website – including T-Rex, Stegosaurus and a Utahraptor (my favourite as it has red spiky hair!).

They were only about £2.50 each (that’s including delivery) for a small toy, it’s a nice extra touch without spending a fortune.

At the end of the party, we went around with a basket asking the children to pick a dinosaur as a thank you for coming to the party.

It went down really well!

Dinosaur dress

I really struggled to find a dinosaur outfit that wasn’t obviously designed for a boy to fit with the theme. In fact, I couldn’t find ANY. So, I asked my mum to make her one!

She found this really cute dinosaur fabric online and designed a 2 way pinny dress that does up with Velcro. The underside is spotty, giving it multipurpose uses too.


Instead of helium balloons, we also opted for buying a few inflatable toys. As most of the kids were very small who came, it was nice to have a few toys that they could kick around. From Amazon we bought:

  • 2 palm trees
  • a monkey
  • an elephant
  • a dinosaur
  • a giraffe

They were all about £2-3 each and a great fun addition to bring the theme together.


Girl's 2nd birthday dinosaur party ideas

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  1. A dinosaur party is a great idea. I try to find dinosaur-themed clothes for my daughter, but clothing retailers seem to think girls want to wear bunnies and kittens. It can be annoying, but I love how you pulled things off for your daughter. Great work!

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