Family budget planner

Family Budget Planner – Free Download

Family budget planning helps me to feel in more control of our finances.

Find out how much money you could be saving each month and how much to put towards bills using my free handy family budget planner.

I am a self-confessed data geek. So it’s unsurprising that I love to plan my budget for the year.

I know that the thought of planning a budget to some people can seem daunting. But I promise you, it’s simple. I’ve even made a free download for you to plug in your own numbers to let you work out your budget in minutes.

Family budget planner

What does a family budget planner do?

Having a budget planner doesn’t just help to provide some security over knowing that you can make ends meet. It can also tell you:

  • How much you can afford to save each month/year as a family
  • How you can fairly spread the burden of joint bills
  • How you’re spending your money – and where you may be able to save some!

How to share bills fairly

We split our bills into 3 categories – individual ‘his and hers’ bills like mobile phone and car insurance that we pay for separately and joint bills like food and the mortgage that come out of our joint account.

My budget planner takes these individual bills and income into consideration and works out how much we should contribute monthly toward joint bills as a percentage of money left after paying these bills.

Anything left is then free to either save or spend. The choice is yours!

Download my budget planner now

As so many of you have requested to see how I do it, I’ve made a free yearly budget planner that you can download with easy instructions included. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible so all you need to do is add in your income and regular bills. It will do most of the hard work for you.

My free download is just a guide to start you off, but I hope it helps to start you down the journey of better understanding your budget to help you save (or spend) your money the way you want.

Download your free guide here.
Please note this will download the .xlsx spreadsheet.

Boring legal disclaimer:

Of course, it would be nothing without the legal disclaimer that I cannot be held accountable for any errors or budgeting decisions made in relation to the use of the download. I am not a finance professional, just a lover of spreadsheets and budgets and I am not offering advice on how to spend your money. Your finances are your responsibility and this guide is designed to help you better understand how much you are currently spending and can only function in relation to the figures you add.

Now that the boring bit is finished, please let me know if you find it useful!

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  1. I could possibly do with something like this. We have a vague idea of wht is coming in/going out every month, but no idea what we could really save. We don’t have a joint account either, never even talked about having one lol.

  2. This is great. My wife is the same and I remember thinking she was crazy when we first started living together and she emailed me across a budget spreadsheet. Totally works though and I now live by the spreadsheet 🙂

  3. One of my goals for this year is to budget better as we have lots to save for and have been consistently spending beyond our means. I was going to put a spreadsheet together but now you’ve done it for me…thank you!! #fortheloveofblog

  4. Thanks so much for the download, I will be having a good look and try it out. I have never planned out my money in such detail so I’m looking forward to seeing what it will flag up.


  5. We manage pretty much everything in our house via Excel, although funnily enough we don’t manage our budget with it. Major projects and holidays, yes, but for some reason we tend to only focus on specific aspects of our finances rather than the overall budget. Maybe one day … #fortheloveofBLOG

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