Decoupage Rabbit with Gold Detail

How to decoupage like a pro

I love decoupage. I love its simplicity, how therapeutic it is to do and of course, I love the unique end result.

Although it has a fairly fancy name, it’s actually just fancy gluing and sticking with nice looking tissue paper.

Taking less than an hour from start to finish, I can even still fit it in while Georgia has a nap and I don’t need to think a lot about it while I’m doing it – I can just enjoy the process.

My latest project is this bunny and the number 2 now that Georgia has had her birthday and her party is now a distant memory. To give them an extra sparkle, I even added some glitter which I think gives it an extra pop.

I’m really impressed with the result! If you want to know how to make your own, here’s how I made it…

Decoupage Rabbit with Gold Detail

Getting started with decoupage…

To decoupage, you’ll need something to cover – made out of paper mache, cardboard or wood in any shape. You’ll also need some scissors, a stubby paintbrush, decoupage paper and decoupage glue and a box to craft in (trust me, it’s just easier). I find using an old shoe box works quite well to contain all of the pieces of paper as an accidental sneeze can be catastrophic.

  1.  Cut up your chosen paper into postage stamp sized pieces. I use three different designs of paper as I like the unique mismatch design it creates and I buy my paper from either a local shop  or Hobbycraft. You could use one or two designs if you’re feeling less crazy. For one small-ish ‘thing’, I use one and a half pieces of paper (3 half pages) if you need a judge on how much to buy!
  2.  Using your paintbrush, spread the glue thinly onto a small area. Take a square of paper and stick it on, reapplying the glue over the top. Take another piece of paper in a different design and overlap it with the previous piece and glue again… repeat!
  3. For curved edges where the paper would otherwise crumple if you tried to stuff it down, stick the piece of paper down to the flattest surface and use the scissors to make a cut up to the curved edge to create two flaps. These two paper flaps will then neatly fold down around the curve to create a nice neat design with no crumples.
  4. To create a glitter edge, wait until the rest of your project is dry. Apply glue carefully to the edges and pour over the glitter. Make sure you’re doing this over a shoebox or tray to catch the glitter. Give it a good shake and reapply the glitter to make sure you’ve covered all areas.
  5. Leave to dry and you’re done!


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  1. Looks so pretty. At the moment my daughter is too young to do these things with me, she just loves to eat paper and anything else she can get her hands on. I’m looking forward to when she’s older, so I can do crafty stuff with her. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. These look lovely! I wish I had the crafty talent to sit down and make stuff like this! That and the time! Gorgeous 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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