Our first nursery lurgy

Week two of nursery and we’ve already experienced the wrath of the lurgy that spreads like wildfire.

She has viral conjunctivitis AKA snotty eyes. But, unless you look really closely, you can’t really tell. She’s still a cheeky monkey!


Wild snot

When I dropped her off at nursery on Monday, she had developed a bit of cold but I thought nothing of it. Until of course I was called at 2pm by nursery to tell me that she’s been ‘discharging mucus’ from her eyes. Ergh.

Three children had apparently displayed similar symptoms in quick succession, which caused the nursery to start ringing alarm bells and break the glass on their emergency Detol to deep clean everything to keep the wildfire snot at bay.

We were told that she wouldn’t be allowed back to nursery until she’d been given treatment. It sounded simple enough – a quest to find some treatment for her goopy eye.

Our quest for a quick treatment

So, off we went on our journey to the pharmacy where we were told that they can’t give anything to her as she’s under 2 without a prescription. We then went on to the doctors to try and book an appointment.

I knew this should only take 5 minutes. They’d look at her eye, say yep… it’s conjunctivitis and give us something to treat it. She’d be back at nursery in a jiffy.

Alas, the doctors were not in. We were told that when they were back we’d get a phone call from the doctor to see if we needed to go in as they were fully booked. I waited at home until 5.30, still not having been called. So, we rang back and told them that we’d book an emergency appointment in the morning.

Next day I went to work and hubby spent morning at home on the phone with the idea that he could drop her off at nursery once we had the medicine.

But, once he got through to our surgery after waiting for 45 minutes (!!) he was told there was no room at the inn. All of the emergency on the day appointments were fully booked. He was told though that the doctor would call (does this sound familiar??) when they had a chance.

After calling 111 to see if they could speed things up – which to be honest they could do Jack all with the advice of ‘see a doctor’, sending our request back to the surgery.

Need a doctor

We were then left in an infinite loop of not being helped. All roads led to “need to see a doctor”, but no flippin’ doctor was available to see her! If it was something slightly more serious, I’d be concerned about the fact that it took nearly 24 hours after calling the doctors to even get them to call us back.

But, we eventually had a phone call from the doctor in the morning. Without even seeing her she told us that it was viral conjunctivitis – it was apparently doing the rounds. It took her less than 2 minutes to tell us this, until which point we’d been in a limbo of what we needed to do with work and nursery.

As it was suspected to be viral, they couldn’t give us any treatment as antibiotics don’t work on viruses.


Nursery wouldn’t take her back without treatment. But there was no treatment. Ergo, she couldn’t go to nursery until she was clear.

Between us we’re covering the week – with mainly hubby working from home and we both have Friday off.

Being a working mum means that I’m going to have to learn how to juggle and fast. It isn’t just the day-to-day balance of work and life, but the days that throw everything on the floor where it really counts. Where Georgia has to come first. We’ll just have to bite the bullet and be more flexible than we’ve had to be with work before.

I foresee the next few months being a mixture of making up time at work and working from home while simultaneously fighting to wipe away the snot that’s dripping from the many orifices my daughter’s face.

Wish me luck and pass me a tissue.

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