Stroller or carrier dilemma

Stroller or carrier?I have recently been battling with a dilemma.

We’re going on holiday in September for hubby’s 30th birthday to Centre Parcs in Longleat and our lodge is in the area furthest away from the centre. This is fine as it’s the only area that have the type of lodge we wanted and we enjoy a bit of a walk. There’s also a land train too to get to and from the centre.

But, I’m apprehensive about using buggy parks. It may be because I’m a first time mum and haven’t used them before, but I really don’t want to run the risk of somebody nabbing my lovely pushchair when we go swimming, or when we go to Longleat and have to leave it to go on the boat or other attractions.

Also, as we’re far away, do I really want to take our pushchair and have to lug it on the landtrain, or be forced to walk if it doesn’t fit? It’s not the most compact pushchair with it’s chunky wheels (I have to fit it in sideways to fit into the boot of my Punto).

So, my choices are to buy a stroller, or a carrier.

How about a stroller?

So, do I buy a cheaper fold up stroller just for holidays that can be left at buggy parks? Here are the pros in my opinion:

  • Without a detachable chasis, it can be locked up at buggy parks easily
  • Georgia can have naps in her stroller
  • Can be folded up to take on the land train as it’s super lightweight (in comparison to her pushchair)
  • It’ll also take up less room in the boot of our car to help to have more space for packing
  • Can be used for future holidays

But, I can also think of a few cons:

  • Don’t want to spend a lot of money on something I’d only use occasionally. A decent budget ranges start at about £50 up to £200 for a Cosatto – which I’d never spend on a pushchair. Even on eBay and Gumtree they still seem fairly expensive.
  • For the cost, I wouldn’t use it regularly as we already have a pushchair.

What about a carrier?

We have a Baby Bjorn carrier that we inherited from family, but I’ve just not got on well with it. It really digs into my shoulders as it doesn’t seem to distribute the weight very well across my back. Other people may get along with it fine, but I’ve not managed to make it comfortable.

But… there are other carriers available that will distribute the weight so I could choose to buy one. Here are the perks in my opinion:

  • When going swimming can just pop carrier in a locker rather than having to leave it anywhere
  • Don’t have to mess around to take her anywhere, rather than transferring her to be carried onto and off of things out of a stroller.
  • Able to go ‘off route’ or take muddy walks

But I can also think of a few negatives…

  • Will have to carry her changing bag as well rather than popping it in a stroller – although could share this task with hubby!
  • Unsure if she would sleep in it as she seems to only like to sleep when lying down
  • Not cheap either! The one I’ve seen that I think would be suitable is about £80…

So, I’m still unsure as to what I’m going to do. I’m tempted to go for the option of hiring a buggy from Centre Parcs AND buying a good carrier.

If anybody has any experiences that would help my decision, then please let me know!

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  1. What about hiring a sling from your local NCT. Gives you a chance to test out what sling is comfortable for you without the expense of buying #pbloggers

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