The search for the perfect toddler cup

While sorting out my kitchen cupboards the other day, I realised that I have become a toddler cup-aholic.

13 cups all for my daughter. I’m not even sure that we have that many mugs between two of us, let alone 13 cups for one tiny person.

I used to think that a toddler’s cup is just a cup. But alas, with many parenting issues, I now know better. I had visions of buying them purely for cosmetic reasons or preference rather than becoming far too familiar with the specifications and pitfalls of a cup.

You see, what works for one toddler, will not work for another when it comes to cups.

Toddler cups

When searching for a new water cup for my ‘client’, I now know that she must have a straw as she doesn’t like the effort of holding up a big cup for a long time. Or, it must be lightweight to hold. If eating with food, it’s preferable to have handles as she likes to both eat and drink at the same time.

For anybody else making such requests I’d promptly tell them to bugger off. Let’s be honest, it’s a lot of effort to look for something so specific.

But of course – she is my one and only client that I’d bend over backwards for – including the search for the perfect cup. Even when she throws your new purchase on the floor and refuses to ever use it even though you had such high hopes for it. With a heavy sigh, the search continues and the cup goes back in the cupboard.

Heaven forbid I throw away the ones that we don’t really use – they’re still perfectly fine and she *may* use them at a later date. Just like those beautiful shoes I have lying in my wardrobe… they may be used at some point.

Of course, once we found one she liked, we had to buy more of them in various sizes to use the right size as she grows. At least that’s what I thought. I probably would have been okay with the ones we had to be honest.

Sippy cups to ‘miracle’ cups

For a few months we were fine. We’d found the perfect straw cups and were moving on. But now we’ve started transitioning from sippy cups and straw cups to normal cups.

I’ve tried the miracle 360 cup by Munckin but to be honest for us it’s been a bit crap. It was meant to revolutionise my life. I mean, it has the word ‘miracle’ in it’s name so it already built up my level of hope.

I still have hopes for it eventually, but for the time being it’s been sat in my growing collection for months without a single successful use yet.

Every time we’ve tried her with it she’s just looked at me like, “what on earth do you want me to do with this thing?”. I even tried drinking out of it myself to show her how to do it, but that just ended with her offering it to me. I obviously needed it.

So we gave up on that for a while. Then I saw another training cup from Phillips Avent which is more like a button for freeflow than a suction. So water will only come out when you have your top lip on it. This cup she now LOVES, but as it drenches her clothes as she learns to drink from it, I’m only using it for dinner time. But… it works and we’re still on that long road to drinking from a cup.

We’re getting there slowly, but it’s by no means a quick process.

The perfect cup…

The perfect cup is an ever changing beast for toddlers. One week it’s a straw cup, the next week it’s a bigger one. The week after it’s a blue one (definitely not the red one) and eventually a cup just becomes a cup and you’re more concerned with what’s in it than how it’s given.

My perfect cup (in case you were wondering) is full of Pimms.

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  1. I completely feel your pain and you are not alone! We’re currently having a very successful run with the Miracle 360 beakers. But I can see why some kids wouldn’t take to them. Before that the only ones my LO would ever use were the conventional Tommee Tippee ones. She still has those for water, but since she started playing the fun game of ‘pour my drink around the floor’ she’s not allowed them for milk…

    She became obsessed with our sports drinking bottles so I bought her 2 toddlers ones of her own. She didn’t trust them. Would take them and throw them. They’re now in the cupboard….

    My cup is personally full of tea. With a side of biscuit! Hope the Pimms is taking the edge off and thanks for sharing your suffering so the rest of us know we’re not alone!


  2. I have half of the ones that you have in this picture, only we can’t have straw ones as she tried to tip it and refused to suck? (Y’know…despite sucking on the edge of a cup when she drinks from that!) That munchkin one was also a fail as it only released juice as certain edges? Ugh..I’m still on a search too, I was recommended one by the health visitor a while ago that’s a normal cup with a slanted edge…can’t remember the name of it for the life of me though! Lucy xx #tribe

  3. We have a similar number to you. I was desperate to give me daughter a bottle but she wouldn’t take it at all. Then when she got to 4 months that’s when the first cup was bought – a tommee tippee free flow cup. How wrong was I, this just resulted in expressed breast milk everywhere! I then bought a sucky cup – again no use. So we gave up with cups for a while. However the Tommee Tippee straw cups literally changed my life, she loved them and still does today at 13 months. I also found since she’s started nursery she is now a pro at the Tommee Tippee free flow. Us Mum’s put a lot of effort into finding the perfect cup for our little ones. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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