Weaning off bottle to sippy cups

As Georgia is now one, I’ve started to think about swapping her milk bottle out for a big girl cup.

She already uses many different cups for water, but never for milk. Milk has always been from a bottle.

When she uses a cup for water, she drinks LOADS. She’s always been better than most of her friends for drinking water and generally gets through at least a couple of cups a day when she’s at home.

So I thought that this whole ‘swapping milk bottles’ malarkey would be easy. I also thought it’d be easy as we found the swap from formula to cows milk a doddle.

We gradually mixed out her formula with cows milk to make sure she didn’t notice it, but I don’t think she was really too bothered either way. She guzzles it down just the same and hasn’t turned her nose up to it. Score 1 to mummy.

As we’re now 100% cows milk without formula, I thought it was a good time to swap out her bottle. Formula can get stuck in some sippy cup filters, but milk allowed more freedom to choose how we gave it to her.

At least that’s what I thought.

Milky sippy cups

I first tried last week with a simple sippy cup… which she drank about half of then got upset as it wasn’t her usual bottle.

I swapped it back to the bottle and she finished the rest.

Over the weekend and today, I’ve tried new cups. One had a fairly rubbery spout (I was thinking I could fool her to believe it was a teat) and the other was a rubbery tommee tippee sippee cup. Both of which have been met with screams.

I’m not talking a slight disagreement moan. I’m talking about a full blown tantrum with apocalyptic outcomes over the fact that I’d dared to give her milk in a different bottle.

She now won’t even attempt to drink her milk from a cup. It’s pretty hard to try when she’s open mouthed screaming her face off turning red. I’ve tried to look excited giving it to her, but she’s having none of it.

I really don’t know how to help her get her over it and drink from a cup.

I’ll keep trying, but I’m running out of options.

Back to the bottle

General advice says that you should start to transition them off of bottles around this time. But is there really anything wrong with them?

It seems like the advice says that it’s bad for their teeth if they walk around with it and sip on it… but Georgia has always just guzzled it down in one go… so is this an issue for us?

There’s nothing really wrong with a bottle, but I’d like to at least swap out her non-nighttime feeds for a more grown up cup soon. If for nothing else, for the fact that I don’t want to buy more teats if these ones start to show signs of wear and tear!

I’m just not sure how on earth we’re going to transition. I think I’m going to try giving it to her in an open cup and just supervise carefully.

I’m sure I’ll let you know once we’ve cracked it!

If you have any advice, please do let me know.

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  1. I tried this with my now 20 month old boy. He just wasn’t ready & despite my best efforts it was just one battle I let him win until he was a bit older & ready. Now using the tommee tippee active sippy/bottle which is great. It’s non spill & he just takes it no problem now. Uses open cups in the day & various other cups but at night I am impressed that the 12+ months drinking bottle works. Might not work for others but I think we Mums have enough battles & challenges that sometimes you can’t win them all & as we learn with the first year of parenting – you just sometimes have to go with it & they will do it when ready.

    PS – Congratulations on the walking. Lovely milestone!

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