Getting rid of just in case clothing

So, I told you yesterday that I bought some new clothes from Next. I’d finally accepted that I’m pretty much near the size that I’m going to be – which is bigger than I was before, but that’s okay.

I still have some work to go on my wobbliness and my stomach ‘gap’, but I’m now under 11 stone and into the ‘healthy weight’ BMI so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, when I got home with my size bigger tops that will actually fit me, I finally got round to sorting out my wardrobe.

This is a daunting task for any women and I’m one of those women that hoard clothes so I had a lot to sort out.

Clothes hoarder

4 bin bags full of clothes for charity shopI decided that now was the time to be ruthless with my sorting. If it didn’t fit, or I’d never wear it again, it had to go. Knowing that I’m permanently going to be a bit bigger than I used to be has given me the push to make this decision, else I don’t think I’d get round to it.

While I was sorting, I noticed that there are four types of item that I’ve hoarded over the years…

  • Dresses for a night out that were bought and worn once. They looked amazing on that one night, but afterwards seemed to look dull and unimpressive. Kept in wardrobe ‘just in case’ they regained their appeal.
  • Bridesmaid dresses from both of my sisters weddings… the first of which was 11 years ago, the second of which was 7 years ago. Kept in wardrobe as you never know when an occasion may call for a fancy cocktail dress, or bridesmaid dress. Neither of which has EVER happened since.
  • Keep fit kit… trousers, tops and fluorescent jackets that will burn your eyes out. These are from my running days. Although I am now on track to keep fit through Buggy Fit, I’ve never had a stable relationship with keeping fit…so they stayed there for when I felt empowered to exercise again. But now they don’t fit…
  • Pajamas from yesteryear. I actually only threw away PJs that no longer fit, as you can pretty much get away with wearing anything in bed. Yes… this means I’m still hoarding them, but they’re comfy. Some of my PJs were bought in America when my nephew was 3 months old… he’s now 9 this year. I also still wear a Fosters T-shirt that I got for free at my fresher’s fair… which was 10 years ago. It’s surprisingly still going strong!

Clothes sorting

After sorting through all my clothes, I now have 4 bin bags full that swiftly went to our local charity shop, a box full that will go on ebay (including the bridesmaid dresses and my prom dress, last worn 10 years ago) and a few bits that will go to clothes recycling as they’re really worn.

Surprisingly, I still had clothes left in my wardrobe – even before I added my new purchases.

I’m sure all wardrobes are in fact TARDIS’ as I have no idea how it all fit in before. But I can now work on filling it up again with more lovely items!!

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