What pushchair can fit in my boot?

After struggling to fit my pushchair into my boot for well over a year, I thought it was high time that we try to find one that actually fits. It’s a perfectly good pushchair and I love its big wheels which are great for country walks – it’s just that the bulky frame is not so good for my boot.

Every time I have to lug it into my boot I have to turn it on its side and take off my parcel shelf. After it’s in, there’s not really much room to fit anything else in other than her change bag. I thought my Punto had a fairly standard sized boot – sure, it’s not as big as an estate, but I could comfortably get my weekly shopping in before we had Georgia so didn’t think twice when purchasing a pushchair.

So now I was on a mission to find a pushchair that is smaller and lighter without costing the earth. One that I don’t have to feel like a champion weight lifter to heave up into my boot.

Armadillo City unpacking and assembly

Umbrella fold pushchairs

After buying a second hand umbrella fold pushchair that we presumed would be fine for my boot, we were dismayed to find out that it only just fits. It’s 109 inches long. In order to squeeze it in, it takes me a good 5 minutes to carefully maneuver the wheels to fit it diagonally across my boot. Of course a good ‘ole shove also helps.

That really wasn’t worth the effort so my search continued. It turns out that a ‘smaller’ pushchair meant that I needed to find one that was not only lighter, but also wasn’t longer.

Armadillo pushchairs

I’ve done a fair amount of research on compact strollers and pushchairs that would be a suitable replacement. I know that the smallest umbrella fold is usually about 104 inches – a whole 5 inches shorter than the one I had. That’s a sad fact to know. I know that most umbrella fold pushchairs look too flimsy. I thought I’d try out a few in shops and my feelings didn’t change.

They are flimsy and for £150 for a good, reliable brand, I don’t really want flimsy.

So, I went back to my trusted Mamas and Papas. As far as pushchairs go, I trust them. I have the Sola 2 – the one that is too big for my boot – but other than that, it’s been perfect. It also wasn’t too pricey considering Mamas and Papas is a premium baby brand.

Off we went to the shop – which is now 40 miles away as they closed down out nearest store which was only 20 miles away just before Georgia was born. It’s a faff to drive the distance, but I really need to see a pushchair and test it out before I make a purchase.

We tried a few umbrella fold pushchairs out as they start from about £65 which is quite reasonable, but we had the same issue with flimsiness. Then we found the Armadillo City.

It’s the range that I was originally contemplating when we first purchased our pushchair but we were going to get the Armadillo Flip. The only reason we didn’t buy it was that we wanted one with sturdier wheels. I’m kicking myself now though as they bought out their Armadillo Flip XT (with big wheels) just days after Georgia was born. Annoying when that happens isn’t it?!

The Armadillo City is a lightweight pushchair – and by that I mean that I can pick it up by the handle without looking like I’m going to trump. I can assemble and dissemble it with one hand which is really handy when trying to tame a small person at the same time.

It’s also not flimsy at all. The frame is robust and it feels like a proper pushchair, with a stroller pricetag and weight. Sure, the wheels are quite small – but that’s because this one is designed for the city and for paths and not for uneven surfaces. That suits us to the ground as if we wanted a muddy walk, we’d either leave it behind or take our bigger pushchair for a drive.

The best thing about it? It fits in my boot. I mean really fits in my boot. Not just a squeeze, but I can place it in folded and have room for a full shopping load. That means a lot to me as it means that we can have a little more flexibility.

It also only cost £150 – which is cheaper than a Cosatto Supa Go and in my opinion is more comfortable. It’s also compatible with my liner (HORRAH!) that I was already using with my Sola2.

Take a look at my video of me unboxing it and take a look for yourself at how small it really is. Even an idiot can assemble it…

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  1. Love your video – especially when you said watching you use scissors is like watching Mary Berry use a knife- haha! Looks like a great pushchair, super easy to unfold with the one hand…essential with the squirming toddler on the roadside. But also looks super comfy, ours is lightweight (the Mothercare Nanu I think) but it’s a really basic seat and padded would be better! Xx

  2. My Cosatto giggle travel system pram bit (because we have grown out of the carrycot now!) has to go on its side in the boot of my C3 and the parcel shelf floats on top of it! I cannot fit anything else in the boot with it so the shopping goes on the back seat next to baby girl’s carseat where she start taking out the shopping on the way home! My car is not really baby friendly. My husband has a massive car and fits it all in the boot. He laughs at me struggling with mine! xx

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