I was recently sent a pair of glasses to review from GlassesShop.

Now, you may already know that I wear glasses – you can see in my pic to the right that I do! I think I have an odd shaped face, so not many styles of glasses suit me. In a shop full of glasses at Specsavers, I’ll usually only find one or two that I want to buy… that is, until a time when I don’t need glasses then the whole shop seems full of them.

Ironic isn’t it. But that seems to be my life.

Anyway, they contacted me and wanted to send me a pair of glasses to see what I thought of them. I’ll confess that I’ve never used an online shop to buy eyewear before.

As I’m VERY picky with my glasses, I find the idea of using an online shop off putting as I like to try them on. But I went for it to give it a go… it wasn’t going to hurt at the very least  so it was the perfect excuse.

So, I searched for a pair of eyeglasses online and found a pair that looked spookily similar to the pair I already own… which is a good thing for me as I’m fussy and know what I like.

I ‘tried’ on the glasses  using their free facility to use an image of myself (taken via my laptop camera) to transpose the glasses ontop.

I amended the size to what I thought was right and they looked alright – I tried on quite a few pairs like that with most being too pointy for my face and discarded.

Once I’d decided on a pair, I popped in my prescription details and awaited delivery.

Delivery took about 2 weeks and was shipped from China. I was quite surprised by that as it didn’t say on the website that they were made in China.. at least nowhere I could see. The box was plain, but inside was a branded plastic case with my glasses safely inside.

I’ll let you watch the video below to see me trying them on for the first time:

So, as you can see… I wasn’t really sure about them. What do you think?


  • The prescription was accurate
  • The frames were of good quality (not enough to justify the £100 difference between my standard frames that’s for sure)
  • They arrived safely
  • Low cost (These frames were ~£30)


  • Delivery took 2 weeks
  • Frames weren’t well fitted
  • Slightly bigger than I anticipated

If I were ordering again, I would check the size properly by measuring my current glasses as a comparison – I think this would have given me a more accurate representation of what they’d look like.

I’d also order them as prescription sunglasses instead of standard glasses, as I feel the bigger frame would lend themselves well to being a big pair of glasses – and where the fit doesn’t matter too much as you don’t wear them all day.

Now that I’ve had them for a week, I have to admit that they’re growing on me. I won’t say that they’re perfect because they’re not. But for their cost, I don’t think I could get a better pair.

If you’d like to check them out, then you can use the code GSHOT50 to claim 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (doesn’t include sale frames).

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  1. I tried some from GlassesDirect before, and when they came for the “free home trial” they were really nice and came quickly, but I thought they would be cheaper than Specsavers…and long story short I was wrong! My Specsavers glasses cost just £25!!

    Those glasses though, they certainly are similar to the ones you already have but seem so much bigger!!

    (Plus, “warts and all” my arse! You’re skin looks so clear to me, I look like a zombie with nothing on!)

    Lucy xx


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      £25 that’s amazing!! I think I always just ignore the cheaper frames in there, but I’m sure they’re better than the ‘NHS’ quality ones that I remember being on the shelves when I was younger. And thanks about the comment about my skin… did you not spot the HUGE zit on my face? Bleugh. I suppose we always see ourselves in the worst light. x

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  2. Great review – your honesty is incredibly important and makes me want to check out the site more that when it’s always brilliant, brilliant, brilliant – the cons you list are very fair and the pros sound great! I like the sound of the virtual ‘trying on’. I can’t open the video! It’s my storage issues not your site though. #triballove

    1. Post

      Thanks Lucy,

      I really believe that honesty is best policy – I’d never lie about a product just because they sent it to me for free! I too never believe reviews that make things sound brilliant all the time. Sad times that you can’t open the video.. you’re missing out on my mug! x

  3. Firstly. you do not have an odd shaped face – where did that notion come from?! Love these frames – I love big glasses so the bigger the better – they really suit you and I love the colour – also, can I just say, you have the most amazing smile – very envious! #triballove

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      I don’t think it looks odd, but I think it’s odd that I can’t find glasses that suit me… some people have faces that suit lots of styles, but I seem to only have one or two styles that suit me! And thank you about my smile, it made me smile! xx

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      Thanks Ruth, I’d always give an honest review as nothing is ever perfect, else it always sounds too good to be true doesn’t it! 🙂 x

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